The World of the Plants

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We will use some plants that can help reduce the production of thyroid hormones. Among all we have, for example, cabbage or lemon balm


Nails should be cut horizontally or in a little triangular way. Never cut your nails in a circle, following the shape of the finger, to avoid them to embedded in the flesh as they grow.


Taking collagen increases the activity of osteoblasts, which act on bone formation. More of it is needed when there is thinning of the bones, as in the case of osteoarthritis.


Essential fatty acid deficiency has been considered a possible cause of hyperactivity. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are part of the neural connections. They improve memory, concentration and mood:


Add oil very slowly, and always grinding in the same direction, to form a thick dough. If you add all the oil at once, the sauce will not emulsify. Similarly, when the dough is emulsified, stop adding oil.


Bleaching fruit is a previous step to drying fruit. This requires to be done well in order to be effective:


When you feel you are eating too much, you can use the following remedies to decrease hunger:


This is an ancient ritual that Japanese do to take tea:


Effective alternative cellulite treatments are massages with essential oils from aromatic plants. This type of massage promotes circulation and increases lymphatic drainage:


Climbing plants, in general, need a soil rich in organic matter, so we will dig a good hole approximately twice the size of the roots so that they have enough loose soil to spread easily. We will add garden soil or compost to the soil extracted from the hole:

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