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We you should not take goldenrod preparations in some circumstances :


The lack of saliva can cause oral fermentations since there is no liquid in the mouth enough to clean the impurities resulting in a rise in bacteria that can damage teeth and cause bad breath.


What part of this huge fruit can be consumed? Do you know how to consume it? What are its nutritional properties?


They help maintain our brain function properly, because they contain phosphorus. In addition, together with calcium, they help us keep our bones strong.


Fluid intake during chemotherapy treatment can be difficult for some reasons such as poor appetite, early satiety, metallic taste of water and other food problems …


Many interesting tips to avoid eye dryness. For example, when you work at a computer screen, try to rest from time to time, making visual focusing exercises near-far. The screen should never be placed in a higher position that your eyes. Your view should be at 45% angle in relation with the screen.


NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS OF AGAR AGAR: Considering its expansive properties, agar agar is widely used as a common ingredient in low-fat diets. Used within the weekly menus, it helps people with obesity or those who want to lose weight.


HOW TO COOK EGGS: Different ways and recipes of cooking eggs. How to choose the best eggs of the market. How to test if an egg is fresh…


The extracts from roots and aerial parts of Edelweiss have anti-inflammatory properties, and its extract has been shown to be effective for treating dermatitis and fluid retention. Part of this effect may be due to the antioxidant potential of the plant itself.


Several studies are under way to determine if this type of food can favor the development of cancerous tumors, primarily colon cancer. There are other diseases that have been related to the use of this type of food: