The World of the Plants

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Among the foods to strengthen teeth, we have those who provide us minerals for tooth formation: calcium, magnesium, boron, manganese, fluorine..


Carbohydrates provide energy. Thanks to them, we get immediate energy for the organism that allows us to live and do the daily work. Carbohydrates are made up of glucose.


There are other foods with a lot of calcium, other than dairy products. These foods constitute a source of calcium (and other minerals) very important in the diet of many populations where no dairy is consumed


Good drainage is important since the roots become rot if waterlogged. This happens sometimes when there are many spring rain...


Coconut water is a very low caloric drink, providing only 38kcal per cup (200ml). It is therefore an ideal drink for people who are in the process of thinning. It contains almost no fat and...


For example, the application of arnica creams sold in pharmacies or shops, on bruises helps improve their appearance and promotes skin recovery


It is mainly used for its properties to tone the arteries and protect capillaries. This property would make it useful in treating certain diseases of the circulatory system: varicose veins, edema or circulation problems


Green foods are recommended for diets, essential in any cleansing diet, liver diet, fatty liver, in diets for cholesterol, hypertension diet and arteriosclerosis diet. For its folic acid content, they can not be lacking in the diet for pregnancy.


To illustrate the importance of coconut, we can mention that in Sanskrit, coconut is called "kalpa vriksha", which means "the tree that has all the necessities for the man." In fact, coconut is regarded as one of the 10 most useful trees for humanity, and it is the most widely cultivated palm.


Sometimes cinnamon can cause undesirable consequences. For example, aromatic components can cause various digestive symptoms when taken in large quantities, such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea