The World of the Plants

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Sometimes people experience some side effects when taking golden seal:


Glutamic acid is an amino acid which takes part in metabolism and uptake of fatty acids, glucose for the brain and minerals like potassium. Similarly, it is involved in the proper brain function, helping neurotransmitters, in combination with vitamin B6, make nervous system connections correctly….


There are compounds produced by certain plants to protect themselves from ruminants. Although these compounds are toxic to animals, they can be extremely beneficial to the human body, such as glucosinolates that protect us against cancer development.


Glucose is the source of energy in the body. Glucose appears in the cells and body fluids, being very important how the body regulates its levels and distribution, which is known as blood sugar or glucose in the blood, blood plasma or serum.


The initial weight loss itself is a motivation for the person. But in addition, one study has shown that Garcinia cambogia increases serotonin levels…


For instance, horse chestnust tree bark is an astringent remedy very useful for inflammation of the prostate, and very appropriate in the treatment of overflow incontinence or urge incontinence.


They are a very attractive complement to add to our food and to give it a touch or a sweet contrast. You can enter them in cakes, biscuits, yogurts, smoothies, crackers, granola,...


In order for your genitals to work properly you can prepare this genital tonic it


If what we want is to take advantage of its medicinal properties, it is necessary to eat raw garlic and crush it well before eating it.


Dried figs have quite a higher amount of calcium compared with the figs - 144 mg 35 mg, respectively, which are suitable for growth and to prevent osteopororis.