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Cures for flatulence






Supplements, especially vitamins, can be helpful in the natural treatment of flatulence. The main supplements are:


Vitamins for flatulence


- Vitamin B: Vitamin B helps produce enzymes that are needed in the digestive process. Vitamin B promotes intestinal motility helping to avoid faeces retention responsible for intestinal putrefaction. This vitamin is involved in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates so it is necessary to implement the digestive processes.

It is particularly interesting for older people who have lost the ability to digest food and for people with intestinal diseases which absorb less food. (Take a B complex tablet daily)

- Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is the more interesting vitamin within this complex of vitamin B. It is essential for energy production and metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It also helps combat stress so it favors a more relaxed food swallowing and prevents aerophagia. (Swallowing a capsule containing 50 mg of pantothenic acid after the main meals)


Activated charcoal for flatulence


Activated charcoal capsules can reduce flatulence, but must be taken with caution, taking into consideration that its ingestion can inhibit the absorption of other nutrients needed for health. Also its use may neutralize the action of many medications. (Take one capsule before or after meals, according to the patient information leaflet conditions)

Plant enzymes for flatulence


They can be indicated for those with little power to digest food.




Besides a proper herbal treatment, besides using certain supplements, we can use other resources in the natural treatment of flatulence. Among them we can mention:

- Homeopathy: Consult a homeopath on the use of Nux vomica and other preparations.

- Reflexology: The pressure in certain areas of the foot, performed by a specialist in this discipline, helps relieve gas and reduce pain.

- Hydrotherapy.

- Acupuncture.

- Physical exercises and massages: A moderate exercise helps increase bowel movements and get rid of gas stored in the folds of the colon. For example:

- Stretch back on the floor. Bend the legs toward your chest and let it stand for again.

- Sitting on the floor with crossed legs and bend the body forward and backward.

- The use of circular massage on the abdomen contributes to the same purpose.

More information about flatulence natural medicine in the listing above.

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