Varied salad

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How to make a lettuce salad


Varied salad

Photo of varied salad

Ingredients for four people:

– 4 tomatoes.

– 1 red pepper.

– Lettuce

– Grated beetroot in vinegar.

– 1 onion.

Olive oil.



– Clean and chop the tomatoes.

– Wash and cut lettuce.

– clean and cut peppers into elongated pieces.

– In a bowl put the ingredients and season with olive oil and salt.

– Place the lettuce in the bottom of the pan.

– Arrange the tomato slices on the rim of the plate as forming a wheel.

– Cover the top of the lettuce with the beets

– Decorate by placing lettuce leaves on the lettuce between beets and tomatoes in the form of wheel spokes.

Method of serving

Serve at room temperature as a starter. Season with olive oil, and salt if necessary, on the same plate.

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22 April, 2019

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