How many wings do flies have?

What type of insects are flies?

The orders of insects and their wings

Everyone knows that flies are insects but knowing what kind of insects flies are will help us a lot in answering this question. Insects are classified into a few taxonomic groups, which are called orders.

flyThe name of the orders is built from the Greek language and usually describe the type of wings of the insects that are part of each group.

For example, Lepidoptera have scaly wings and are butterflies; Wasps and bees are called Hymenoptera because they have membranous wings, and flies are in the order Diptera.

What are Diptera like?

Flies are dipterans because they have one pair of wings, unlike most insects which have four pairs of these appendages.

The hind wings of diptera and other insects have evolved over the course of evolution into structures called halteres, which are involved in flight and provide information on the relative position of the animal at all times.

Another defining characteristic of insects is the regions that make up their bodies. The insect body is divided into three very well defined fragments (head, thorax and abdomen).

Regarding their life cycle, flies and other diptera have complete metamorphosis and, throughout their life, these insects go through four stages, which in chronological order are:

  • Egg
  • Larva
  • pupa
  • Adult

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17 May, 2023

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