Breeding places of Asian tiger mosquito

Where does the Asian tiger mosquito breed?

Photo of mosquito (mosquito biting)

There is always a corner where some stuff can accumulate, a place where mosquitoes can breed. Pay attention to the peripheral vegetation. The plants are an ideal breeding place for the Asian tiger mosquito.

Most of the swimming pool or patio water-drainages have a trap at the bottom that collects water to prevent sewer odors. Unfortunately, this water also becomes a source of breeding for the Asian tiger mosquito.

As necessary elements for the Asian tiger mosquito breeding are: tires, holes in trees, bowls, drums.

  • Trays and other gardening items are the ideal place for the Asian tiger mosquito.
  • Flower pots, despite the existence of the drain hole, fill with water very easily and can be a source of tiger mosquitoes.
  • Sometimes, it is enough not to use the shower during one week for tiger mosquitoes to breed inside. There is always some water after using a shower.
  • Mosquitoes can easily grow on flower vases, because they keep some water in to preserve the flowers inside. This is the reason why the tiger mosquito is so comfortable in the cemeteries.
  •  The cavities in trees may be less common in private gardens than in public ones, but one should check. Especially if you have trees on your property with a certain age, such as banana plants.
  •  We have to be careful with the drainage system of the roofs. Tiger mosquito larvae can not only live in the trap but on the sewer connections that we see on the ground. If the roof horizontal channel is blocked by leaves, it can become an ideal breeding ground, far from our reach.
  • Drums are one of the biggest problems. Some people collect rainwater for irrigation in these drums. What makes ALWAYS a point of dangerous mosquito breeding.
  •  The well-maintained swimming pools and those with large water level will not be a problem of tiger mosquitoes. If maintenance is lacking, may appear normal mosquitoes. But if in addition, if the water level is very low, the tiger mosquito may find a shelter and breed. These conditions are rare but can occur on abandoned farms.

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22 November, 2020

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