Plants to repel mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are very annoying insects that feed themselves on blood (the female) for the eggs to be developed.

If we use a repellent we have to know that:

Photo of Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus)

– It has to be poured outdoors and as long as necessary, and strictly comply with the instructions, especially with applications.

– Do not apply insect repellent to children under 2 years. In older children, avoid its use whenever possible, and never do it in the hands of children because they can put in their mouths or eyes.

– It is not advisable to apply the repellent to clothing.

– If you show any type of reaction to the skin after the bite, wash the area well with soap and water and consult a doctor.

– When the mosquito repellent is no longer needed, we clean the skin with water and soap.

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22 November, 2020

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