Julián Masats

Julián Masats

Agricultural Technical Engineer  specialized in  Horticulture and gardening of Botanical online

Julián Masats, collaborator of Botanical online

Julián Masats is an agricultural technical engineer specialized in horticulture and gardening.

He studied Agro-environmental and Landscape Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona and he  is technically responsible for the management of the parks and gardens of the metropolitan area.

For many years he has provided  his extensive knowledge, elaborating plant cultivation sheets, tutorials of agricultural techniques, etc.

Like many others on the team, he is in love with nature and likes to visit botanical gardens and nature areas around the world. On the web there are some files on the plants that Julián has visited in the gardens of all parts of the world, or on the vegetation of a certain area he has visited.

At a professional level, he is mainly dedicated to projects related to environmental recovery, waste management and green space management

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