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How to say Chinese rhubarb in other languages?

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Illustration of Rheum palmatum L.

Common English name: Chinese rhubarb, rhubarb root, Turkey rhubarb, ornamental rhubarb, Turkish rhubarb, Indian rhubarb, Russian rhubarb

Common name in other languages:

– Spanish / Español: Ruibarbo chino, raíz de ruibarbo (referido a sus rizomas), ruibarbo de Turquía, ruibarbo ruso, ruibarbo de las indias orientales, ruibarbo dinamarqués.

– Catalan / Català: Ruibarbre turc, ruibarbre xinès, arrel de ruibarbre,

– Italian / Italiano: Rabarbaro cinese

– German / Deutsch: Handlappiger Rhabarber, Handlappiger Rhabarber, Chinesischer Rhabarber, Handförmiger Rhabarber, Handförmiger Rhabarber

– Polish/ Polski: Rabarbar dłoniasty

– Dutch /Nederlands: Rabarder

– Swedish /Svenska: Flikrabarber

– Romanian / Română : Rubarbă chineză

– Русский / Russian: Реве́нь па́льчатый

  • Scientific name: Rheum palmatum L.

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Julián Masats
Written by Julián Masats Technical agricultural engineer specialized in horticulture and gardening.

14 April, 2021

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