Is moringa oil better than olive oil?

Which of these oils is better?


Differences between olive oil and moringa oil

Moringa oil could replace olive oil in climates where olive trees are not possible to be grown.

Moringa It is a tropical tree whose seeds can be used to extract an oil very rich in omega 9. There are varieties whose percentage can reach up to 80% of omega 9, just like olive oil. This makes it a promising oil.

olive oil, or moringa.

Many people ask themselves what kind of oil is best, whether olive oil, or moringa.

Moringa oil is usually used for cosmetic purposes, although in some countries it is also used for food purposes.

propiedades alimentarias del aceite de moringa

Moringa oil as food

Consultation of a reader: Hi, I have read in your article “Food properties of moringa oil” that it has a lot of omega 9, like olive oil. I wanted to know your opinion on whether olive oil is better or worse than moringa oil and which one they recommend. Thank you.

Composition of moringa oil or ben oil

Moringa oil contains 70% of omega 9 (oleic acid), and there are high oleic varieties that reach a percentage of 80% of omega 9, the same percentage of omega 9 that olive oil has.

Some people might think that moringa oil, being rich in omega 9, could also have the same healthy properties than olive oil.

Is moringa oil better than olive oil?

Olive oil

Olive oil

Olive oil has been recognized worldwide by scientists from all countries as the healthiest for human consumption.

Certainly, moringa oil is suitable for nutrition, but you can not equate its benefits to those of olive oil, as olive oil is beneficial because of many other components it has, such as a high content of vitamin E, flavonoids and phytochemicals. In addition, it is possible to mention that there is a certain variety in the composition of the moringa oil, according to its origin.

In addition, moringa oil is not usually used as a food oil because it is quite expensive.

Which oil is recommended?

The best oil that can be recommended at the moment, for all the scientific evidence that accumulates behind, is the virgin olive oil, considered pure “liquid gold”. In addition, if you live in the Mediterranean basin, where it is very economical, there is no reason to consume any other oil: olive is the best.

The consumption of virgin olive oil becomes very nutritious, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, especially when combined with a healthy diet such as the Mediterranean diet.

When olive oil is not affordable, it is advisable to use high oleic substitutes, such as high oleic sunflower oil, more economical than moringa oil.

What is moringa oil recommended for?

Moringa oil, as mentioned, is an oil that is expensive enough to be commonly used in food, especially in countries where it is not grown. For this reason it is preferable to restrict its use to its medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in any type of oil, the ideal is to look for those obtained by cold pressure, especially if they are to be consumed (also called cold pressed oils, unrefined oils, cold pressure oils or virgin oils).

propiedades medicinales aceite de moringa

Medicinal properties of moringa oil

More information on moringa.

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20 December, 2021

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