california fan palm care

Washingtonia filifera


Characteristics of the plant



Summer. Very small flowers in inflorescences until 5 m long, hanging.Leaves reaching till two meters. They possess many segments covered with cottony threads what determines that in their origin place (Arizona and California) this palm is known as “Cotton palm” The axis of the leaf is covered with thorns, and it possesses a very long petiole. Dead leaves hang of the plant giving it a characteristic aspect. Black fruits in berry. It can attain 18 m.


Water it scarcely. It is a plant that comes from a very dry climate.

gardening pot

Square or avenue plant. Very appropriate for the ornamental value of its upright and strong trunk as well as the feather of dead leaves hanging down. It adapts very well in places of dry and hot climate.


Sun, it needs a warm climate.


By means of seeds in spring.


It adapts to all type of soil, even poor. It doesn’t tolerate the flooding.

All species of “Washingtonia

Washingtonia robusta —————– Mexican fan palm, Mexican Washingtoniana palm

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Julián Masats
Written by Julián Masats Technical agricultural engineer specialized in horticulture and gardening.

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