Cultivation of fumitory

How to grow fumitory (Fumaria officinalis)

Annual herb of the Fumitory family – Fumariaceae– up to 60 cm.

Erect stems, smooth.

Composite leaves with lanceolate flat leaflets, till 1 cm. wide. Bracts shorter than the floral stalks.

Round fruits with a flat or depressed side

Flowers, redish-pink, appear from February to June

Water scarcely
It can be used for walls and gradients to avoid erosion and as a medicinal plant. (More information)
Expose it to full sun
Propagate from cuttings of wild species in spring.
Any kind of soil, even very poor and stony.
See toxicity properties on detail. Toxic plant. See more in the listing above

There are 50 species of Fumaria, the most commom ones are the following:

Fumaria agraria

Fumaria bastardii

Fumaria capreolata

Fumaria densiflora

Fumaria indica

Fumaria macrocarpa

Fumaria martinii

Fumaria muralis

Fumaria occidentalis

Fumaria officinalis

Fumaria purpurea

Fumaria parviflora

Fumaria reuteri

Fumaria schleicheri

Fumaria vaillantii

punto rojo More information about fumitory in the listing above.

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