Table of calories burned


How to know how many calories we burn while doing physical activities

Many people ask themselves:

How many calories are burnt with sport?

What is the sport which burns more calories?

Cycling or “steps” are better for losing weight?

How many calories are burned with golf?

Playing marbles also burns calories?

To answer these questions we dispose of tables of calories. Basically, they consist of a pair of columns to expose the activity and the calories consumed during a certain time to a certain weight.

There are many tables of calories where you can find answers to these questions, although most of these tables serve only for a certain weight (usually for an average weight of 70 kg) and a certain time (usually 60 minutes)

This requires calculations to fit the particular weight of each person and the exact time being physically active.

Table of calories “burned” during physical activities

A concrete example would be the following table:

Table of calories that we spent while we do sport activities

(For a person of about 70 kg during 60 minutes)

Aerobics (little effort)350 calories
Aerobics (average effort)455 calories
Aerobics (high effort)490 calories
Aqua-gym287 calories
Badminton (Not competitively)315 calories
Badminton (Competitively)490 calories
Dance (classic Dances divertimento – samba, tango, waltz, chachachá, etc)210 calories
Dancing (popular Dance country, polka, etc)315 calories
Dancing (modern Dances – twist, jazz, swing etc)336 calories
Dancing (Fast ballroom dances)385 calories
Dancing (Fast discotheque dances)452 calories
Billiards (playing billiards)175 calories
Handball (not competitively)560 calories
Playing handball (competitively)840 calories
Basketball (playing basketball with a ball informally kicks a field goal, etc)310 calories
Playing basketball (playing basketball in wheelchairs)410 calories
Playing basketball (playing basketball not competitively)420 calories
Playing basketball (playing basketball competitively)560 calories
Bobsleigh490 calories
Bowling (bowling)210 calories
Boxing (training with the bag)420 calories
Boxing (as a sparring)620 calories
Boxing (boxing in the ring)840 calories
Diving (free diving) (moderate Effort)875 calories
Diving (free diving) (concerted Effort)1120 calories
Diving (assisted snorkeling – scuba diving) (not competitive)490 calories
Marbles (to play marbles)350 calories
Race (to run 8 km hour)560 calories
Race (to run 9.5 km hour)700 calories
Race (to run 10.5 km hour)750 calories
Race (to run 11 km hour)805 calories
Race (to run 13 km hour)945 calories
Race (to run 14 km hour)980 calories
Race (to run 14 ‘ 5 km hour)1050 calories
Race (to run 16 km hour)1120 calories
Race (to run 17 ‘ 5 km hour)1260 calories
Steeplechase700 calories
Hurdle race700 calories
Hunting (On the lookout, duck, ouzel, wild boar etc)175 calories
Hunting (bow)175 calories
Hunting (general: rabbit, hare, quail, etc)350 calories
Hunting (big game in search of prey, deer, moose)420 calories

Calorie calculator

More effective than calorie table is the calorie calculator, which lets you check how many calories a person spend doing the activities according to the exact weight of that person and in real time. Through it, we know, for example, how many calories a 84 kg person spends if he/she are playing football with his/her friends for 35 minutes, or how many calories does a goalkeeper consumes in a football match.

Check the calorie calculator to see how many calories you can spend according to your weight and the time of physical activity in many more activities

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27 December, 2023

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