Are nuts fattening?

If we eat nuts, will we become fat?


Fat is fattening: a mith

It has always been said that eating foods rich in fat makes you fat, but it is not true. Natural foods rich in fats, such as nuts or avocados, have been shown to have greater capacity to satiate the individual, thus having a lower intake of food, which has been shown in numerous studies.

In other words, “fats get you fat”, it is, in fact, because, in most cases, these fats come from highly processed foods, which are not natural and are usually loaded with salt, sugar, flour, flavor enhancers or additives that make them more energetic.

These type of detrimental food contains no fiber and it is hyperpalatable (too much appetizing) . All this produces greater intake of these products.

Hyghly hyperpalatable processed food examples

Examples of hyghly hyperpalatable processed food are : cookies, breakfast cereals, pastries, nectars, sausages, sausages, snacks, hamburgers, …

The worst of this myth is that the fact that fats are bad has led to eliminate from the diet very nutritious and beneficial foods, such as avocado, nuts and seeds, which are excellent sources of nutrition (proteins, minerals like calcium, magnesium, fiber, …)

salad with avocado and sesame seeds

Photo of salad with avocado and sesame seeds, seasonings rich in fats that are very healthy

Do nuts make you put on weight?

People believe that fat is bad and that they should reduce the foods that contain them in diets to lose weight . It is popularly believed that eating foods with fats makes you more overweight and obese, higher risk of having high cholesterol, heart disease, …

But the reality is that healthy fats, in a balanced diet, intervene little in the appearance of all these diseases. On the contrary, eating natural foods with healthy fats, far from getting fat, can help us to prevent obesity.

raw almonds

Photo of raw almonds, very nutritious. Approximately, 25 almonds are a ration

Does eating fat-rich foods make us fat?

Eating foods high in fat does not necessarily make us fat. Of course, if we exceed the amount of any type of food, we will get fat (be it nuts, bread, pasta, cereals, etc.), especially if we do not do physical exercise either.

  • Natural foods rich in fats, such as nuts, have been shown to have greater ability to satisfy the individual, resulting in a lower intake of food, as has been shown in many studies.

Problem of eliminating fat from the diet

When fat is said to fatten, in reality we usually refer to other types of fat-bearing products, which are not natural foods.

The fact that fats are considered bad has led to eliminating very nutritious foods from the diet, such as avocado (avocado), vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, etc.

On the other hand, while diets reduce the consumption of natural foods rich in oils, the tendency of consumption of non-recommended fattening food increases, such as large portions of refined cereals (bread, pasta, biscuits for diabetics, rice cakes, breakfast cereals often sugary) and light products (which contain less fat, but of poor quality), etc.

  • Processed foods are very unattractive and not very nutritious, unlike healthy options like nuts.

Why do you have to eat healthy fats?


It is recommended to eat 7 walnuts every day to have omega 3

As mentioned many times, fats are necessary components for the body. Their exclusion from the diet is harmful.

Among the functions of fats:

  • They are a very important source of nutrients for the heart, liver, and for all organs in general.
  • They provide essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), to produce hormones, antiinflammatory effects, new cells, etc.
  • They are also a source of antioxidants such as vitamin E (important for fertility), and increase the absorption of betacarotene from vegetables.

Therefore, instead of insisting on whether fats produce weight gain or not, one should talk about healthy fats and fats that are harmful to health.

In summary: Are nuts and avocados recommended to lose weight?

Yes. The presence of nuts, seeds and avocados in the diet is recommended because, in addition to being nutritious, they increase metabolism, satiate and help control insulin spikes in the blood.

You should avoid large portions of pasta, bread, cookies, sugary breakfast cereals, light products, juices, chocolates, etc.

Diets to lose weight: better if they contain nuts

Slimming diets that include nuts are highly recommended in PCOS, menopause, diabetes, and in general, foods with healthy fats should be present in any balanced diet plan.

Ideally, do not look only at the macronutrients (fats or carbohydrates, for example), but the food and the overall diet.

A food can be low in fat or light, but contain a lot of sugar. Or it may be that a food contains a lot of fat, but also provides a lot of fiber, minerals or vitamins.

In the same way that it warns about “bad” fat, it is also recommended to reduce the consumption of refined sugar (chocolates, juices, chocolates, nectars, pastries, cookies, etc.)

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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9 February, 2024

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