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Properties tropical fruits guide

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Medicinal plants

Common lime tree

Lime juice, like other citrus, has a high content of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and essential oils. It has antiscorbutic, detoxifying, diuretic, expectorant and antiseptic properties.

It avoids fatigue, rheumatic discomfort and propensity to colds and infections. The leaves and fruit peel contains essential oils with sedative and antispasmodic virtues.

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Natural medicine


Pancreas secretes pancreatic juices in charge of digesting proteins, carbohydrates and fats from food

When pancreatic juices are activated for some reason within the pancreas, they cause the digestion of this organ itself, damaging it and causing pancreatitis.

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Natural food


The edible part of the fruit is the pulp. The pulp of the durian is very creamy, soft and sweet. It is described as a mixture of caramel, cream and strawberries, one of the most appetizing and exotic tropical fruits...



It is a fundamental part of the Indian diet, which is known as " the fruit of the poor."

It provides energy for its content on carbohydrates and vitamins. Carbohydrates are easily assimilated by the body, and it also contains high doses of niacin and thiamine, vitamin nutrition that allow nerve cells and muscle fibers.

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Natural diets

Cruciferous for cancer

Because of the anticancer potential of these foods, cruciferous vegetables play a fundamental role in all kinds of diets for cancer...

Christmas tree done with fruits

Christmas tree with fruits

This is an original presentation of a Christmas fruit tree to put on the Christmas table.

During the holidays, it is important not to forget the consumption of natural sweets like those in fruits. They are very important at this time because they provide fiber, vitamins, minerals and medicinal compounds that benefit our bodies.

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Do you know it?

Tropical fruits

Do you know why tropical fruits are so valuable for health? Can tropical fruits improve digestion?

Tropical fruit list

How many tropical fruits do you know?

What foods are rich in iron

For those people who don't like meat, fish and seafood it is recommended. in case of not taking these foods, to look for medical supervision.

They will probably need iron supplements and planning their diet very well in order to avoid nutritional deficits.

Plant cultivation

Carambola cultivation

Carambola tree is a tropical and subtropical plant. In tropical areas, it is an evergreen tree, while in subtropical countries, it behaves like a deciduous one.

Carambola grows in full sun. It can live up to 1,200 m in a temperature between 18 and 28 ° C.

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Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

It is a very showy flower from a tropical plant whose rhizomes a well-known spice is extracted from...

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