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How to drain and depure yourself after holiday abuse

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Natural medicine

Liquid retention remedies

Anti-edema plant preparations to get rid of body fluids surplus.

Liquid retention

It is a metabolic disorder which consists in the accumulation of water or other substances in the body. Inadequate nutrition during holidays can be one of the reasons that cause it.

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Medicinal plants


Artichoke is a food rich in diuretic components, capable of removing body fluids.

A very helpful resource for cleaning your liver after excessive eating.

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Natural food


Rich in Vitamin A and vitamin C, The leaves of this "weed" are one of the most interesting antioxidant and depurative wild vegetables...


Eating broccolis stimulates the activity of the liver purifying the blood from toxins that can affect the body's overall health.

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natural diets

Strawberry diet

The diet of strawberries is a purifying diet that uses this fruit to achieve lower weight or detoxify your body.....

Christmas tree done with fruits

Low cholesterol diet

Something to take into account after eating too much saturated fats.

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Do you know it?

Green tea to loose weight

How to loose these kilos you have put on?: Some very easy resources to attain fitness and the right weight!

Oat bran

Guarana to loose weight

Quinoa to loose weight


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