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Soursop to improve cancer treatment

Cancer is a serious disease that can be cured with medical treatment.

Soursop or graviola is a fruit with cancer-fighting compounds able to stop cancer. For this reason, it can be a very good help to improve the effectiveness of conventional treatment, but, in no case, it can replace it.

It has not been reported any case where the plant permanently cured this disease.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and / or surgery, for now, are the most effective methods against cancer.

Delaying the conventional treatment is dangerous to health as it hinders the effectiveness, causing the cancer to spread to other parts of the body (metastasize).

Proper diet rich in antioxidants improves side effects of chemotherapy and treatment efficacy.

It is recommended to follow the advice of the professional medical team that will determine whether it is appropriate and how to take soursop.

How to take soursop?

Photography soursop in a market.

Photography of soursop in a market.

Soursop or graviola (Annona muricata) is a tropical fruit of the Annonaceae family, closely related to cherimoya.

The medicinal soursop components having anticancerous properties are called acetogenins. They are present in the seeds and leaves of the plant.

It is possible to obtain these components from tea leaves. The seeds are toxic and should not be taken.

To prevent cancer, we can take the fresh fruit, as it also has anti-cancer components, although less than seeds and leaves.

Cherimoya has also acetogenins, although its anti-cancer properties are not as studied as Soursop.

Soursop or graviola for medicinal uses

For the treatment of the disease, it is recommended to follow the advice of professional medical team which will determine if it is appropriate and how to take soursop.

The benefits of soursop cancer have been demonstrated from the ethanol extract of the plant, which is obtained from the seeds or leaf.

There are many foods whose extract is rich in components capable of stopping the cancer, but soursop has aroused special interest because a study was conducted, in which it concluded that it was 10,000 times more effective anticancer than any used drug to treat it.

Dose of soursop

The therapeutic dose of the soursop has not been established for humans.

Scientific studies indicate that one of the benefits of this plant is that its extract shows anticancer effects even at very low doses (30 mg./kg. In mice).

Where to buy soursop?

Soursop extract is rare to find. It can be purchased at online stores, though we recommend checking that it is a laboratory and not buying to individuals. Do not rely on unreliable websites.

Soursop capsules must specify their degree of extraction.

You can not get soursop leaves outside its tropical habitat, since it is not a product that is exported. Infusions of these leaves contain acetogenins.

It is a very fragile and perishable fruit, and also the soursop tree is not very fertile and productive. All these factors are the reason that soursop fruit is very expensive, especially in European markets.

In tropical countries, soursop can be achieved in local markets at a very affordable price.

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1 April, 2021

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