Herbal treatment for aerophagia

How to cure aerophagia

Characteristics of aerophagia

Aerophagia is the presence of gas in the digestive system. This is mainly introduced by means of food or because of digestive problems. Aerophagia is a major cause of flatulence

Symptoms of aerophagia

The main symptoms are:


– Belching

– Drowsiness, etc.

Causes of aerophagia

The main causes are:

Inadequate diet: Too heavy or too spice food. Bad alimentary habits (eating too fast, improperly swallowing or drinking), continuously chewing gums, drinking coffee, can lead to aerophagia.

Carbonated beverages: Beverages such as lemonade, beer, soda water, sparkling mineral water, sparkling wine, champagne, and other soft drinks.

Symptoms of physical diseases (mainly in the stomach, the liver or gallbladder)

Stress, nervousness or anxiety: When being in an uneasy situation, people tend to swallow too much air without being conscious.

Loose dentures: Wearing loose dentures increases the saliva production in the mouth, raising gastric juices too much, which is responsible for gastritis or aerophagia.

Preventing aerophagia

By changing the lifestyle and dietary habits, we can generally solve or ameliorate this problem. Within the most interesting tips to prevent aerophagia we can mention the following:

– Reduce stress to prevent too much air swallowing: First of all it is necessary to avoid stressing situations and take things easier. Some self-breathing exercises can help swallow too much air.

When you feel flatulent with constant belching, just try to relax, sit down comfortably for 15 minutes and try to control your air intake. By doing so, if you experience a burping reduction, this will proved you are suffering from abnormal air swallowing, probably due to psychosomatic reasons.

Sometimes it will be necessary for you to search for some professional aid in order to reduce anxiety. Doing moderate exercise or some alternative treatment as yoga, reflexology or music therapy can be very helpful in this sense.

Choose a suitable diet and correct eating habits: Monitoring food and eating habits are in most occasions necessary to avoid aerophagia. Don’t eat so much or so quickly. Try to split meals along the day. Avoid copious meals and make at least 5 light meals a day.

Choose the correct foods, avoiding or limiting those than can raise gas levels, such as legumes, citrus fruits or milk products. Take those that can help to digest better

Reduce or avoid carbonated drinks or those containing caffeine. Chewing gums are not recommended.

(More information of the suitable diet in the chapter ” Diet for flatulence” and ” Remedies for bloating ” of the listing above)

Drink some herbal tea: Teas from carminative plants are very suitable to expel gases from digestive tract. Antispasmodic herbal remedies can help to reduce the pain associated with this problem (More information about ” Remedies for aerophagia” in the listing above)

Treatment of aerophagia

The reoccurrence of aerophagia requires the person who suffers it to visit the doctor to diagnose what are the real causes of the problem. This is especially required when it is accompanied by other symptoms such as weight loss without apparent cause, stomach ache or rectum pain, vomiting, diarrhea, acidity, presence of blood in the stool or constipation.

Besides a physical examination and a study on the habits and diet of the patient, the diagnosis may require the use of other resources such as x-rays, ultrasound, colonoscopy, enemas, etc.

The conventional treatment of aerophagia involves treating underlying diseases that can cause these symptoms. In most cases, the adoption of a new diet and a new lifestyle is enough to solve the problem.

The natural treatment of aerophagia involves using a series of natural resources that can help resolve this anomaly.

More information about aerophagia and its natural treatment.

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