Tips to avoid the anorexia


What is anorexia?

Anorexia is an eating disorder whose cure must be in the hands of specialists (doctors and psychologists).

Moreover, given that eating disorders are a problem that primarily affects the family, this corresponds to a special attention and care so that their aid might be useful.

How to avoid anorexia

Among the advice that should be considered by a family with a member with food problems, we would mention the following:

We can follow these tips to prevent anorexia:

A reflective attitude about food by the family

It is important to influence the importance of a balanced diet and do not put all the emphasis on weight loss.

If a family member gives a high value on thinness, this may promote this idea in the other members.

– A responsible and mature family discussion so that the sons and daughters know how to value the person as a whole, rather than its external appearance. An overstatement of the physical aspects can lead to excessive concern to imitate existing stereotypes of beauty in which thinness is presented as ideal over health.

– Related to this point, personal autonomy should be given to the children so that they will not be carried away by the mainstream. Children must be trained to have their own personal opinion. An authoritative or dominant attitude on the part of parents is not the most appropriate solution to form a child with their own criteria.

It is important to give meals a “family value”. The family gathering around the table must be an act of socialization in which each of the members feel gratified and consider food as something pleasurable. On the contrary, fast food, unprepared and without any relationship between the family members, lead to consider food as something minor.

Parents can not remove the food from the children thinking that they are too fat. Only your doctor should decide on the scheme to follow. Similarly, food can not be a subject of negotiation or “blackmail” by the parents. Rewards or punishments should not ever be related to food.

How to follow the evolution and help in the treatment of anorexia

Do not force them to eat. This behavior often produces the opposite reaction, especially with adolescents.

If children have the problem, they should speak naturally, without pressure letting them, with the help of a specialist, and understanding of the parents, be the ones who are gradually solving the disorder. Speaking directly of the problem without hysteria, in an objective manner, as if commented to a friend, and not a dominant, paternalistic attitude is the best solution.

Their setbacks, which are quite common, should not be censored. Parents must approach the disease of their children with a positive attitude, trying to encourage rather than criticizing their mistakes.

A very patient attitude from all members of the family is required to face a problem that can generate a lot of tension and usually lasts long. It is very normal feelings of helplessness by parents and siblings can lead to depressive attitudes. Also it is quite common the tendency to justify the cause of the problem, so often have feelings of guilt, accusations between the various family members, personal discussions, this type of behavior does nothing for the patient’s recovery and should be avoided, even making a great effort.

It is important that the family is documented on the subject so you can naturally discuss the scope of it and learn how you can help.

However, the family, by itself, can not solve the problem. It needs the support of other people with similar experiences can give appropriate advice and above all, you need the performance of physicians or psychologists to provide them with appropriate therapy. In most cases to solve it will require the assistance of the entire family to a group of family therapy.

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6 April, 2020

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