Natural treatment of anxiety

Natural medicine for anxiety

Characteristics of anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness or fear for a possible danger that may be based on true or imaginary reasons . Anxiety responds to personal causes and it usually has an undefined origin which is generally based on past unpleasant experiences that come back to mind presently. This is mainly what differentiates anxiety from fear, which is a personal reaction to a real and immediate danger.

Symptoms of anxiety

The main symptoms of anxiety are:

– Nervousness

– Fear

– Increased sweating

– Chest tightness

– Breathlessness

– Hyperventilation


– Dizziness

– Tremors

– Weight on the shoulders and neck

– Negative thoughts

– Pphobias, etc.

Causes of anxiety

The main causes of anxiety are:

Stress: At an external situation that produces stress the nervous system reacts by producing more hormones that trigger a series of changes in the body that manifest physically in an increased heart rate, perspiration, muscle tension and so on. Emotionally stress triggers anxiety. In today’s society there are very characteristic stressors producing anxiety: fear of losing one’s job, not to be accepted socially, not to meet the imposed expectations, etc.

Physical illnesses: Some times anxiety is generated by anxiety-producing diseases such as thyroid disease, angina pectoris, etc.

Toxins or medication: The ingestion of certain toxins such as caffeine or alcohol, or certain medications, such as those provided to control asthma or blood pressure, can cause anxiety. Similarly, the Withdrawal Syndrome, produced when a drug intake is reduced or abandoned, is often accompanied, among other symptoms, by a well-defined state of anxiety.

Environmental factors: The environmental factors surrounding people at work or at house can trigger anxiety. For example, noise at workplace or at home is of of the most important factors triggering anxiety.

How to prevent anxiety

You could use some of the following resources to overcome personal conflicts and avoid stress:

Performing a physical exercise according to our ability is a way to release serotonin and help us feel better.

To adopt a different attitude to the previous lifestyle. If, for example, a lack of ” personal success” has led you to stress, you should consider that there are more important things in life than obtaining personal success. Today’s society places a number of personal demands on personal achievements that require a more thoughtful attitude not to become frustrated.

Taking a massage or a relaxing bath in somewhat cold water are sometimes very useful techniques to relax the body stressed by a worrying situation.

Take some form of alternative therapy. Massages, breathing exercises, relaxation tapes can serve not only to relax our body, but to direct our minds towards more positive thoughts.

A natural diet, rich in natural foods, especially with antioxidant properties or those containing vitamin B and magnesium can help overcome anxiety

Diagnosis and treatment anxiety

Some degree of anxiety can be necessary to overcome life problems. However, when anxiety impedes a person to lead a normal life, it requires a visit to the specialist to evaluate what is the real factor that causes anxiety and what is the most appropriate treatment that should be followed.

The natural treatment of anxiety involves using a series of natural resources that help to prevent or remedy it.

More information about anxiety and its natural treatment.

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