Characteristics of asthma

What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease characterized by a difficulty in the breathing, caused by a constipation of the bronchi that are inflamed and irritated.

Symptoms of asthma

The main symptoms of asthma are: Respiratory difficulty, respiratory attacks of cough, oppression of chest, weight in the chest, night attacks, nocturnal secretions, eczema

Causes of asthma

Although the exact causes that determine the appearance of the disease are not well-known, we can mention the following:

Allergies: in people with a history of allergies, exposure to elements that are sensitive can trigger asthma

The substances that trigger an allergic reaction when stimulating the secretion of certain substances are called allergens. Among them, we can mention histamine, which is responsible for the inflammation of the bronchi. Among the external factors would have major allergens such as pollen certain plants, such as pellitory-of-the-wall, certain chemicals, dust, or contact with mites, which can trigger the disease. The ingestion of toxic substances, such as consumption of tobacco or certain medications, especially those containing salicilin or those intended to treat high blood pressure.

Heredity: the descendants of people who suffer this disease have more probabilities of developing it.

Diseases of the respiratory apparatus: badly treated respiratory diseases can trigger asthmatic crises. It is important to perform a suitable treatment as quickly as possible.


It will be very appropriate to avoid those situations or elements that can trigger this disease. These should include the following:

– To avoid those places where the existence of environmental factors can trigger the crisis: closed places, small spaces, especially dusty ones. Contact with certain domestic animals.

Stress: the stress situations, suppose a diminution of the organism defenses and can favor the appearance of asthmatic attacks.

Environmental temperature: a cold environment can provide the same results.

Physical exercise: In certain situations, after physical exercise, an asthmatic attack can appear.

Food: Certain foods, rich in preservatives and colorings, can favour, even cause, the appearance of this disease. In front of these products packaged industrially and full of artificial substances, we have the natural power of a more vegetarian diet, rich in natural foods, which has no elements that may cause food allergic reactions and removes certain elements of the organism that promote the emergence of this disease.

Diagnosis and treatment of asthma

If you have some of symptoms seen above,you are advised to visit to a specialist to diagnose the existence of the disease.

The natural treatment of asthma involves using some natural remedies that can improve o avoid it.

More information about asthma and its natural treatment.

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28 March, 2019

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