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Is it possible to prevent flu?

Flu occurs when our defenses are not able to overcome the virus. There is no a specific medical treatment for this disease, and all medicines used are meant to alleviate the symptoms it produces

Therefore, increase defenses and avoid as much as possible the viral infection are the two best methods for preventing flu. The following tips can help prevent flu infection:

Maintain good hand hygiene: hand contact with the mouth, nose or eyes is one of the most probable causes of infection. This also occurs in a direct manner or through the food we eat. Proper washing with soap and water before handling food and before eating is a good way to prevent microorganisms from entering our body. This advice is especially needed when people come back home, especially if someone lives in large cities where infection is more likely to occur. (Touching stair handrails, door knobs, handgrips in buses, telephones etc.).

Avoid closed crowed places: In these places the risk of infection is much higher. For example, it is a good way to protect against flu walking to work whenever possible, rather than taking the bus or the subway, avoiding the department stores, crowded places, and so on.

Attending to day care centers is the main reason that produces the infection in young children. The fewer the children being at a nursery, the lower the possibility of getting sick.


Drawing of a girl with flu

Ventilate rooms: Although we have central heating, one quarter of an hour of natural ventilation is essential to renew our home atmosphere, so that less microorganisms can be concentrated.

Don’t abuse of antibiotics: Excessive use of antibiotics makes organisms more resistant to medication and more difficult to remove. We should never self-medicate. Besides, the use of antibiotics is not indicated for the treatment of flu, except in patients with risk or in case complications occur, such as bronchitis, pneumonia or sinusitis.

Take care of food: A proper diet, rich in natural plant foods, it is essential to maintain our immune system healthy to be able to beat microorganisms. (More information about ” Diet for flu” in the above listing)

Maintain the appropriate degree of humidity: A dry atmosphere in the respiratory mucous is the best way to provide a suitable place for the development of microorganisms. The use of humidifiers or vaporizers during winter, especially in places with central heating, is a good way to increase the humidity and prevent nostrils drying.

Another good way to keep our body moisture is to ingest plenty of liquids, either water or vegetable juices, especially those that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Quit smoking: Tobacco facilitates the emergence of influenza by reducing the body’s defenses. Numerous studies have shown that smokers are twice likely to suffer from flue than people who do not smoke. Similarly those who are not smokers should avoid places where smoking is permitted, as passive smokers are also more likely to become infected.

Allow the body to rest: The body needs all its strength to fight the disease, so flu requires bed rest.

Reduce stress: Stress, nervousness, lack of personal peace are factors that enable the emergence of this illness or slow its healing because they impair the body’s defenses. A more positive attitude will improve defenses and promote a more speedy recovery.

Fever is required: Fever is a resource that has the body to prevent flue virus from reproducing easily. A fever that does not exceed 38 º C should not be treated with antipyretics. Similarly, sweating is necessary to reduce body temperature preventing it to reach a too high level. It’s normal to sweat when you have flu.

Coughing is necessary: It is a resource that the body has to expel microorganism. You should not completely eliminate cough. It only has to be treated when being too excessive or in case it does not permit you to sleep at night.

More information about flue and its natural treatment.

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19 March, 2019

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