Characteristics of bad breath

What is halitosis?

Halitosis or bad breath is the bad scent of mouth. It is a problem that affects many people and which constitutes a very great reason for preoccupation since it supposes a limit in the personal and work relations.

Symptoms of halitosis?

The main symptoms of halitosis are mouth odor, bad breath, etc.

Causes of halitosis

The main causes of halitosis are:

Bacteria: Bacteria that grow in the food residue and secretions which are responsible for most cases of bad breath.

Mouth Diseases: Certain diseases of the mouth, like the gingivitis, or gum diseases, are responsible for the bad smell of mouth.

Other diseases: Sometimes the chronic halitosis is a symptom of other corporal affections: diabetes, liver malfunction, gastric or duodenal ulcer, renal problems, mouth sores, cancer, etc.

Food: Certain foods contain principles that are expelled through the breath causing bad breath. These might include garlic, onions, sausages, fermented cheese, fish, etc.

Stress: A situation of emotional stress results in poor digestion and absorption of foods that ferment and produce bad odors. Another fast food without chewing it can produce the same results.

Lack of saliva: A problem of lack of saliva eliminates the possibility that salivary acidity acts against bacteria in the mouth. This is especially true at night, so the mouth usually has worse smell in the mornings. A good salivation is the best resource to eliminate halitosis. Xerostomia or dry mouth is a mouth disorder characterized by lack of saliva that may be responsible for bad breath.

Chemical poisonings: Certain toxic chemicals are responsible for odor in the mouth, so, for example, chemical poisoning by cyanide produces a familiar smell of bitter almonds in the mouth.

Diagnosis and treatment of halitosis

A problem with chronic bad breath that does not disappear with the adoption of measures such as those mentioned in this article, requires a visit to a specialist to find out the real causes of this anomaly.

The natural treatment for bad breath involves the use of natural resources that can solve or reduce this problem.

More information on bad breath and its natural treatment in the listing above.

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