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Characteristics of black eye

Bruising of the eyes or black eyes (periorbital hematoma) are violet-colored swelled spots that appear around the eyes. This type of injury uses to cure by its own. When it does not, you should consult your doctor.

Symptoms of black eye

The main symptoms of black eyes are swelling, pain, black circles around the eyes, purple blue mask around the eyes, swelling and bruising may extent down the cheek or even to the other eye.

Causes of black eye

The usual cause of black eyes are traumas to the eye, or face, including the nose. These lead to blood vessels rupture underneath the skin causing blood and other fluids to gather around the eyes which appear bruised.

The area surrounding your eyes is easily bruised because it is a very delicate one since it lacks of muscle and possesses a very fatty content.

Black eyes are very common in young children or in those people performing sports requiring a lot of personal contact.

Not so frequently black eyes can be produced by other procedures, such as surgery (facelift, nose or jaw surgery, etc) Black eyes can be accompanied with bleeding inside the eye. In this case, we call it hyphema. Hyphema requires a special attention since it can diminish vision or it even can harm the cornea.

A more serious type of black eyes is that derived from fractures of the base of the skull. In this case it is especially known as ” racoon eyes” or ” panda eyes”. It usually affects both eyes.

Treatment of black eye

Normally bruising in the eye is no major problem since it usually disappears spontaneously within days. However, a visit to an ophthalmologist is essential in the following cases:

– When bruising or swelling do not disappear in a couple of weeks

– You feel a sharp pain inside the eye

– You feel a constant and lasting headache.

– There is nose, ear or eye bleeding or light fluid coming out from these parts.

– You are unable to move your eye.

– You encounter vision problems. (vision loss, double vision, etc)

– You have suffered a cut or injure in the same eye.

– When swelling or bruising is not a direct response to any type of trauma,

The natural treatment of black eyes is based on using some natural products that can prevent or cure them.

More information about black eyes and their natural treatment.

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19 March, 2019

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