Best tips for breastfeeding


How a mother can nurse her baby better?

The following advice are useful to obtain a better breastfeeding.

Teach the baby to eat suitably

In order to make the baby attracted to the breast, you can take a few drops of milk and dip your finger. Then touch the baby’s lower lip, which will make him open his mouth. It may also be appropriate to move the nipple by the lower lip which will produce the same reaction.

When the baby opens his mouth, the mother should guide the breast to her lips so as to cover the outside of the areola. The baby should have at least 3 cm of halo into his mouth to suck well.

The best position is in front, with the baby facing the mother’s face and the body supports each other. Another suitable position is one in which the infant is placed sideways and holds his head from behind with one hand and the other two fingers tight with the halo for the baby to suck, and breathe. Can also be done lying on the bed with the baby on its side.

It is advisable to be changing the positions to avoid that the chests suffer if we keep the same position.

Stimulate the chests so that they produce sufficient milk

It is necessary to maintain the schedule, necessary to stimulate the mammary glands and produce enough milk. When, for one reason or another, the hours are not respected, the mother should express milk with a pump manually.

At night it is also important to maintain the schedule, waking the baby if necessary, at least every five hours. It is necessary that the baby finish one breast to start with the other.

When this is not possible, the mother’s milk should be extracted manually and should be given the other breast next time. There are pediatricians recommend that nursing is conducted in the two breasts, so you have to encourage the baby to not settle for one. If the baby is hungry often must be given to nurse as often as necessary, which is beneficial for better milk production.

Other possible ways to increase the production of milk are:

– Place a warm cloth on your chest so you can open a blocked duct.

– Massage the breasts: Supporting both palms on the sides of the breast and move smoothly to the area. Repeat with the other breast.

Advantages of breast milk

In case of women who intend to return to work and want to feed the baby with her breast milk while away, testing is necessary with a bottle for a few days before the baby becomes accustomed. The mother should express milk from her breast so the baby can be fed while she is away.

The advantage of breast milk is that it can hold up to six hours in natural environment without putting it in the fridge. If put in the refrigerator, it will be good up to 3 days, if in the freeze, three months or more.

For the breasts do not dry out and can produce plenty of milk it is necessary to remove two to three times a day while at work. To prevent dripping stain clothing pads can be placed on the breasts.

Get the relax and rest you need during the period of breastfeeding

The mother will have to rest suitably so that the organism is in conditions for producing sufficient milk. She will have to avoid nervousness, looking for some type of therapy, if necessary, to secure one better relaxation.

The place of breastfeeding is very important. The mother will look for a calm place, with a smooth light. It is believed that smooth music relaxes the mother and helps the baby to eat well.

Solve placenta problems

When the mother has not expelled the placenta properly, she has to go to specialist to have solved the problem. Once solved, there is a rise of milk.

Solve breast pain problems

The presence of certain infections or inflammations of the breasts can be solved with the application of the suitable treatment. If there is infection produced by the bacteria that enter by the cracks of the nipple or inflammation of the breasts, very hard pain, heating or reddening of the breasts, it will be necessary to consult the doctor.

To overcome the minor inflammations and cracks lanolin can be applied on the nipples when not producing milk or moistened with liquid vitamin. In either case, they should be cleaned thoroughly before taking the nipple to suck.

Most of the time pain in the chest and cracks occur because the baby does not nurse properly. Sometimes the change of position helps the intake so as not always to be performed in the same place and nipples not be as affected.

To prevent resent nipples before removing the chest of the baby’s mouth a finger should place between the little baby and areola of the breast to prevent the baby from pulling or irritation that would produce cracks in the nipple.

When breastfeeding is finished, if there is pain or cracked nipples, it may be desirable to scrub them with a little milk from the same breast. Milk helps heal and relieve pain.

Change your attitude towards breastfeeding

When false preconceptions will pose a psychological problem which prevents the production of milk, she should seek help from a psychologist or group therapy to change their ideas about the practice.

The talks with family or friends who already have experience in feeding the baby with breast milk can be useful.

Increase fluid intake

Milk production is a major expenditure of fluid from the body of the mother. It is necessary for the mother to drink in abundance to be properly hydrated . An adequate diet, rich in natural foods, can help in this aspect.

Wear a proper bra

A suitable bra during breastfeeding helps keep the breasts properly. It is best to use one that does not tighten in order that there is a blockage of milk ducts (lactiferous), someone which can be easy to unsnap. A cotton one is desirable.

Do not use detergent on the breasts

Detergents used on breasts tend to dry out the natural oils or drag them. Just use water and dry them with a little hot air dryer. This will also clean and, at the same time, remove excess moisture that is often responsible for the sore nipples.

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19 March, 2019

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