How to prevent conjunctivitis

Is there a way to prevent conjunctivitis?

The following tips can be helpful to prevent it:

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Omega 3 fatty acids sources


Always read in places with good light and, if possible, with natural light

Fluorescent light should always be avoided as much as possible. This type of light produces a continuous vibration which can irritate your eyes.

Stop reading occasionally to let your eyes rest

Perform some eye relaxing exercises such as fixing them at other points farther than the distance to the paper.

Close them during a couple of seconds and open them widely. Repeat this several times.

Maintain a proper diet

Maintain a proper diet, rich in natural foods, especially those containing vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin C, zinc and essential fatty acids. Avoid toxins, such as alcohol or tobacco.

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Carrots are rich in vitaimn A

Leave your vision rest

When working on a computer screen, try to rest from time to time, doing eye exercises focusing near-far. Do not force your vision trying to read a too small text.

Do not read on the move

For example, do not read when traveling. The head position should be adequate, looked straight ahead. Never read or watch a screen from one side.

Perform outdoor walks so that the eyes can come into contact with sunlight

It would be desirable to remove the glasses from time to time to perform this activity.

Avoid stress and perform relaxation techniques

You should avoid stress, using stress remedies or performing relaxation techniques

Avoid eye contact with dirt

Never rub your eyes with your fingers or palms when they itch because they are irritated or tired. Touching them is the best way to infect them with microorganisms. Washed them using only clean water. Do, no use detergents. You can clean and relax them by means of eye drops.

Clean and protect them with natural remedies

You can use a natural eye drop instead.

Do not share your towel

Towels or washcloths could be infected with viruses or bacteria. So, you should use your own towels. Towels should not be shared even by the same members of a family if one of them is showing symptoms of conjunctivitis. Used towels should be washed properly.

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6 April, 2020

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