Characteristics of cuts

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What are cuts?

CUTS are wounds that go beyond the entrance of the skin and, sometimes, go beyond it, affecting the tissues below it.

How are cuts different from scratches?

The depth of entry is what differentiates cuts from scratches. Scratches are wounds that affect only the surface of the skin.

Cuts are deeper wounds that can affect all layers of the skin and even the tissues below the skin.

Consequences of cuts

Most infections are caused by skin lesions. The skin constitutes a barrier for the penetration of microorganisms.

Once this barrier is opened due to a certain cause (wounds, cuts, scratches, burns, etc.), the body is exposed to the invasion of microorganisms.


Symptoms of cuts

The main symptoms of cuts are:

  • Deep wounds
  • Pain
  • Warmth
  • Pus
  • Redness, and so on.

How do cuts occur?

The causes of the cuts can be very varied but, in general, they are caused by voluntary or involuntary trauma caused by sharp objects such as:

– Shaving blades

– knives

– pocket knives

– glasses

– Tinplate.

– Machines at work

– Contact sports, such as boxing, rugby, soccer, etc.

– Extreme sports, such as climbing, skateboarding, etc.

Treatment of cuts How to act in case of an injury?

In the treatment of not very deep cuts, we must follow the following procedure:

– Wash the cuts well with soap and water after you have also washed your hands with the same procedure.

– Subsequently, the bleeding must be stopped, pressing the wound with a clean gauze or handkerchief.

– Then, we will disinfect the wound

Finally, we will bandage the wound to prevent bleeding from recurring or when there is a possibility of infection.

Treatment of deep cuts (6 mm or more) requires the attention of the doctor.

Should we go to the doctor when we cut ourselves?

Superficial cuts can be treated with a disinfectant and usually do not require treatment by a specialist unless infection or one of the situations described below occurs:

When to go to the doctor in case of cuts? A visit to the doctor is absolutely necessary in any of these cases:

– When the person is unable to prevent bleeding or when it occurs too violently.

– When the person cannot clean the cut properly and there is, even if it seems remote, the possibility of dirt remaining inside

– When the person does not have adequate tetanus vaccination

– When the cut shows signs of infection (pus, fever, signs of infection spread)

– When over time the wound does not heal.

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20 July, 2020

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