Characteristics of cuts

Home remedies for cuts

What are cuts?

Cuts are wounds affecting the skin and sometimes they also affect the tissues that are underneath it. The depth of entry is what differentiates cuts from scratches. The latter affect only the skin surface.

Consequences of cuts

Most infections are caused by skin lesions. The skin is a barrier to the penetration of microorganisms. Once this barrier is opened by any cause (cuts, wounds, scratches, burns, etc.) the body is exposed to invasion of microorganisms.


Symptoms of cuts

The main symptoms of cuts are: deep wounds, pain, warmth, pus, redness, and so on.

Causes of cuts

Cuts are produced by voluntary or involuntary injuries caused by sharp objects like razors, knives, glass. metals, etc.

Treatment of cuts

In the treatment of shallow cuts (less than 6 mm), the first thing to to is to wash cuts with soap after having washed the hands thoroughly following the same procedure.

After cleaning it, bleeding must be stopped, by pressing the wound with a gauze or cloth. Then, the wound must be disinfected with some disinfectant and, finally, the wound must be covered properly to prevent bleeding again or avoid it to be infected.

The treatment of deep cuts (6 mm or more) require medical attention

Most cuts usually do not require treatment by a specialist unless infection is present or one of the situations described below occurs:

It is absolutely necessary to visit a doctor in one of these cases:

– When the person is unable to stop bleeding or this is occurring too violently.

– When the person can not properly clean the cut and, though it seems remote, there is the possibility of remaining dirty inside.

– When the person does not possess adequate tetanus vaccination.

– When the cut shows signs of infection (pus, fever, signs of expansion of infection).

– When the cuts does not heat after some days.

Natural treatment of wounds

Natural treatment of wounds involves the use of a number of alternative resources that can help improve healing and prevent infection.

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28 March, 2019

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