Characteristics of dandruff

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp and other hairy areas of the body characterized by the presence of abundant flakes that break off and accumulate in the hair.

Dandruff is a possible symptom of skin disease called seborrheic dermatitis, although it may be a manifestation of other diseases.

It can appear, besides the head, in other body parts such as eyebrows, chest, back, crotches, armpits, and in the creases of the nose.

Symptoms of dandruff

– flaking, white or yellow dirty particles on your comb, dirty hair, dermatitis, seborrhea, redness, itching, etc.

Causes of dandruff

The main causes of dandruff are:

Seborrheic dermatitis: In most cases, dandruff is a manifestation of this disease, which is a chronic skin inflammation that produces many scales and redness of the affected area with itching sensation. (More information about seborrheic dermatitis)

Other diseases: Sometimes the body responds to other diseases such as psoriasis, Parkinson’s, AIDS, etc.. There is a possibility that is produced by a reaction of the scalp with a fungus called Pityrosporum ovale.

Diet: Although diet is not the direct cause of this problem, a poor diet, especially deficient in Vitamin B can make it worse.

Chemical or physical aggression: The use of inadequate shampoos, full of detergents, the frequent use of hair lacquers, or hair dyes increases dandruff. Similarly, washing or brushing your hair too hard can encourages peeling.

Environmental factors: living in low humidity places promotes the growth of dandruff.

Psychological causes: stress, situations of personal distress or unpleasant emotional states often favor the appearance of dandruff.

Diagnosis and treatment of dandruff

In case of encountering this problem, first it is wiser to make a visit to a dermatologist who will diagnose the actual or potential causes of your dandruff, especially if it affects other areas of the body such as eyebrows, mouth or back. Treating the conditions that cause dandruff quickly improves it.

The usual treatment is intended to eliminate microorganisms using a specific shampoo. Although shampoos can be purchased freely, we should ask the doctor to prescribe the most appropriate to us.

Dandruff shampoos are too strong for your hair and should therefore be left progressively as the dandruff disappears. Anyway, a weekly application is desirable to prevent it to return.

A proper cleaning and maintenance of hair can keep dandruff at bay. However, we must admit that dandruff is a very recurrent hair problem and can reappear quickly if we do not maintain the adequate prevention.

The natural treatment of dandruff is based on the use of some natural products that can prevent or eliminate its appearance without being so aggressive to the hair as conventional products.

punto rojo More information about dandruff and its natural treatment.

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28 March, 2019

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