Diaper dermatitis characteristics

Dermatitis in babies because of diaper contact with the skin


What is diaper dermatitis?

Diaper dermatitis is a type of dermatitis that occurs in babies or young children and affects their genitals, buttocks, thighs or lower abdomen.

It’s called “diaper” because it occurs in the area of skin covered with diapers or in contiguous areas. Below them, the skin, soaked in urine and the feces of the baby, usually stays wet and dirty.

Why does diaper dermatitis take place?

On this hot and humid areas, a lot of bacteria can grow, converting urea from the urine into an irritant product.

Other times it’s the acidity of the digestive juices of the stool which causes these anomalies.

Keep in mind that the skin of a baby is almost ten times thinner than an adult, so it is very sensitive to erosion, irritation and inflammation. Among all the dermatitis types, the diaper one is one of the most common.

Consequences of diaper dermatitis

  • In most cases, it produces but a simple reddening which is a constant nuisance for babies. This can explain why infants and young children sometimes do not stop crying until diapers are changed and their skin is properly dried and treated.
  • In a lesser number of cases there is a more severe inflammation or erosion of the skin which can become infected because of bacteria or fungi.
  • Other times, the normal existence of this type of dermatitis may be a sign that the baby has other physical abnormalities, such as diabetes.

Symptoms of diaper dermatitis

Among the most characteristic symptoms of diaper dermatitis are:

Causes of diaper dermatitis

The main causes of diaper dermatitis are:

  • Chafing dermatitis: produced by the friction of the diaper with the skin. It occurs mainly in areas where the seams of diapers come in contact with skin. (Thighs and lower abdomen)
  • Contact dermatitis: Contact with components of the diaper can cause this same problem anywhere on the skin of the baby or toddler. (Irritant contact dermatitis) These are often diaper chemicals, such as softening creams, soaps, perfumes, etc, which are responsible for this type of dermatitis (irritant contact or allergic dermatitis)
  • Dermatitis by fungi infection: This occurs when a very high number of fungi such as Candida albicans develop in the area.This is because for some reason the bacterial flora controlling fungi has been diminished. Among the many reasons that can cause these changes are, for example, excessive administration of antibiotics, too much blood sugar (diabetes) or lack of defenses.
  • Impetigo: It is a bacterial type of infection caused mainly by staphylococci. As with the previous case, this is an anomaly that occurs when these bacteria, normally found in our bodies in a number that does not cause problems, develop abnormally. The reason for this progress is due primarily to the increased use of antibiotics or antiseptics that reduces the defenses of our body and leads to development of resistant strains which, when multiplied, produce infections.

This is a highly contagious infection characterized by redness of the skin that produces blisters that can burst, leading to oozing and crusts. Although it usually appears on the face, it may occur in other areas of the body as those ones occupied by the diaper. Because of its contagious and aggressive nature, it should be treated immediately, and proper methods should be used to prevent infecting other people.

  • Seborrheic dermatitis: It is a type of dermatitis with the presence of fat that occurs in the area covered by diapers.

Diagnostics and treatment of diaper dermatitis

When it comes to simple reddening parents may apply the proper remedies.

If wounds, scabs, pus or important rashes appear, parents should consult the pediatrician who will diagnose their nature and apply the appropriate treatment.

The natural treatment of diaper dermatitis supposes the use of a series of natural resources that can help to prevent or to improve the symptoms of this anomaly.

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