Characteristics of eyes irritation

How to cure irritated red eyes

What is eyes irritation?

Eye irritation usually occurs in response to a specific eye disease or type of conduct which forces your vision too much.

Symptoms of eye irritation

The main symptoms of irritated eyes are: pain in the eyes, headache, red eyes, itchy eyes, difficulty reading, double or blurred vision in reading, tears in your eyes, eyestrain, discomfort to light, etc.

Causes of eye irritation

The main reasons that could explain having red irritated eyes are:

Eye diseases: Many eyes diseases may cause eye irritation.

Bad habits: Bad reading habits, working in front of a computer screen, many hours watching television, working in poor light, etc. are habits that force the eyes and cause eyestrain.

Food: A poor diet can lead to poor eye health. See more information about eyes diet in the listing above.

Free Radicals: A poor diet together with aggressive environmental conditions and oxidation of the body itself are the main causes of the appearance of free radicals. Vision is one of the most sensitive organs and the most affected.

How to prevent and cure eye irritation

An eye problem requires a visit to a specialist for advice about the real causes of the disorder and the best treatment to follow. This is especially required to avoid some severe eye disorders, such as retinal detachment or glaucoma, whose appropriate and quick treatment is needed to avoid vision loss or even total blindness.

Changing work and reading habits are the best options to prevent the onset of visual problems (More information about eye irritation prevention in the listing above)

The natural treatment of eye irritation is based on using some natural products that can prevent or cure irritation in your eyes.

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28 March, 2019

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