Flatulence characteristics

What is flatulence?

Flatulence, flatus, meteorism or intestinal gas bloating is produced by an excess of intestinal gases accumulated in the digestive system.

In the process of digestion some gases are produced (methane, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide). When there is an excessive accumulation, it leads to an abnormal swelling and it sometimes produces abdominal pain.

This abnormal situation requires taking certain measures, since this accumulation of gases respond to some cause, such as gastrointestinal diseases, or is the result of a poor diet, emotional state, etc.

Consequences of flatulence

Flatulence besides producing body pain or discomfort, constitutes a matter of concern for the person who suffers it because it gives a lot of consequences, which are socially very frowned upon: winds, bowel sounds, belching, hiccups.

We know that, as is commonly said, “farting ” is normal and typical for all mammals. It is estimated that an average person expels about 1.2 liters of gas per day. However, doing so in public and in a loud manner it is considered vulgar and rude in most cultures. Moreover, accumulation of intestinal gases is annoying or painful and needs a proper treatment.

Symptoms of flatulence

The main symptoms of meteorism are:

Bloated stomach, flatulence, winds, need to expel gas, abdominal pain, abdominal heaviness, cramps, hiccups, belching, intestinal cramping, etc.

Causes of flatulence

– The main causes of gas bloating are:

Too heavy meals, too high fat food or too spicy food, certain types of food, as an excess of some vegetables, or beverages are not well digested, so they are retained in the intestines. They develop an intestinal flora whose metabolic functions cause excessive gas production in this part of the body. (More information about flatulence diet in the listing above)

Symptoms of physical disorders: flatulence is often a symptom that something is malfunctioning in our digestive system. Some diseases show this anomaly as one of its characteristic symptoms. For example:

– Abdominal obstruction

– Bad digestion

– Problems in liver or pancreas

– food allergies such as lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance.

Crohn’s disease

– Ulcerative colitis

Irritable bowel syndrome

– Cystic fibrosis

– Obstruction of the bile ducts (atresia)

– Parkinson’s disease

Aerophagia: It is produced by excessive deglution of air when eating or chewing gums.

Effect of the ingestion of certain medicines or drugs: Some medicines or drugs produce side effects such as accumulation of gas in the digestive system.

Stress: Stress increases the swallowing of air and helps to increase flatus.

Diagnosis and treatment of flatulence

The occurrence of flatulence requires the person who suffers it to visit the doctor to diagnose what are the real causes of the problem. This is especially required when flatus is accompanied by other symptoms such as weight loss without apparent cause, stomach ache or rectum pain, vomiting, diarrhea, acidity, presence of blood in the stool or constipation.

Besides a physical examination and a study on the habits and diet of the patient, the diagnosis may require the use of other resources such as x-rays, ultrasound, colonoscopy, enemas, etc.

The conventional treatment of flatulence involves treating underlying diseases that can cause these symptoms. In most cases, the adoption of a new diet and a new lifestyle is enough to solve the problem.

The natural treatment of flatulence involves using a series of natural resources that can help resolve this anomaly.

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28 March, 2019

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