Gout characteristics

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Characteristics of gout

Gout or gouty arthritis is an inflammation of the joints caused by the storage of uric acid deposited as crystals, damaging the joints and causing great pain.

Types of gout

There are three types of gout:

Acute gout: It is one that occurs suddenly.. It is known as the gout that usually “attacks the big toe” at first

Chronic Gout: It is the one whose attacks are appearing from time to time. It does not produce so much pain but the attacks last longer.

Asymptomatic gout: It is the one that has no symptoms.

Symptoms of gout

The most important symptoms are:

Acute attack to the big toe: the big toe becomes inflamed, red, very hot and causes great pain. This attack usually occurs at night, the part of the day when usually it more painful. This attack usually lasts about 3 days.

Pain that affects multiple joints: Pain is alternately affecting multiple joints, usually the legs, but also the wrists, shoulders, elbow, etc.

Joints undergo degeneration produced by chronic gout. this may be painful or not, and often presents subcutaneous nodes (tophi), usually in toes, fingers and ears.

Causes of gout

The most important symptoms are:

Personal predisposition: It occurs in people who have a personal tendency to suffer from this disease. They generally are very robust complexioned people, amateur of “fine dining”.

Excretory system malfunction: this abnormality occurs when there is a deficiency that does not allow the elimination of uric acid through urine.


Lack of physical exercise

Other diseases

Poor diet, rich in purines, which are transformed into uric acid, leading the body to a state of super saturation of this acid (hiperucemia).

Treatment of gout

In the presence of symptoms which may presume the existence of gout, it is prudent to undertake a visit to the doctor, who, by appropriate tests (blood tests, x-rays or analysis of joint fluid), can determine the existence of this disease.

Conventional treatment is based primarily on the use of analgesics and anti inflammatory drugs. It is stresses the need to drink plenty of water and the use of an adequate diet.

The natural gout treatment involves using a series of natural resources that help prevent disease or, where appropriate, reduce pain and inflammation, improving the condition of patients.

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28 March, 2019

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