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Characteristics of hearing loss

Hearing loss is a decrease in hearing that determines some sounds to be heard with less intensity. This loss may be temporary, due to a number of causes that interfere with the entry of the waves into the inner ear (cerumen, cysts, inflammation of the ear, etc.). Sometimes it is permanent, in which case there is a nerve degeneration which prevents the transmission sound reaching from ear to the brain.

It is a disease that affects a large number of people, especially young people. Hearing loss can take place in infants before they learn to speak (Prelingual deafness) of after they have learn to do it (Post-lingual deafness). It can affect to only one ear (single sided deafness) or both.

Personas mayores

Elderly people lose hearing capacity

Symptoms of hearing loss

The main symptoms of hearing loss are:

Deafness, inability to hear well, hearing loss, inability to hear conversations, problems with high frequency sounds, etc.

Causes of hearing loss

Among the main symptoms of hearing loss, we can point out:

Temporary hearing loss causes: They give raise to a temporary hearing loss that disappears when the cause that produces them is resolved. Among these causes of hearing loss, we could include the following:

Wax ear plugs: The accumulation of ear wax is one of the most common causes that produces temporary hearing loss.

The presence of a foreign body inside the ear: foreign bodies inside the ear, such as hair or fluffy fibres, water after a bath or a dip hinder the passage of sound waves into the ear.

Blows to the ears or other traumas : A blow to the ear can cause the same symptoms. Other severe physical injuries can cause similar results, such as a head injures, thigh sounds of near explosions, too much loud music, etc.

Pressure changes: Abrupt pressure changes, as it happens when going up or down from high peaks or airline passengers, can cause temporary deafness.

Ear infections: The presence of microorganisms causes ear inflammation (otitis), which prevent the passage of sound waves into the ear or the vibration of the ear bones or ossicles.

Permanent hearing loss causes

They are those which inflict permanent injuries to the nerve injury, the organ of Corti or the parts of the brain responsible for hearing. Among the main causes that produce irreversible hearing loss, we would have:

Age: Hearing loss is greater as people age (presbycusis). It affects 25% of persons aged 65 years and 75% of people over 75 years. It is not known exactly what causes it, although there is a genetic predisposition to suffer it. In this type of pathology an increased difficulty in hearing high frequency sounds mainly takes place. In a normal conversation, people suffering from it can find very difficult to hear the higher sounds, as a consequence, people with presbycusis do not understand what they are told.

Otosclerosis: Sclerosis, or hardening of the tissues of the inner ear. This condition prevents normal vibration of the ossicles and causes deafness.

Meniere’s Disease: Meniere’s disease is characterized by impaired balance and hearing, caused by increased fluid (endolymph) or inflammation in the labyrinth.

Other body diseases: Cholesterol, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, mumps, syphilis, aids, meningitis, measles, etc can trigger lack of hearing. Brain diseases such as meningitis or stroke can also cause deafness.

Tumors in the ears.

Perforated eardrum: It can take place as a result of introducing a sharp object in the ear or after some very strong nearby explosion, a hit on the head, etc. Eardrum rupture brings about deafness.

Drug use: The consumption of toxic substances like alcohol, tobacco, or certain medications such as antibiotics, aspirin, antihypertensives, or heart medicines may be the cause of hearing loss. Exposition to toxic substances, such as certain metals, herbicides, etc.

Ear injury caused by too much exposure to loud noise: The more or less prolonged exposure to loud sounds, involves a series of negative health consequences. These can affect both the body and mind and have a special influence on the health of the ear.

Diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss

If you happen to have some symptoms of hearing loss, you should take a clinical examination that will determine the correct diagnosis and the proper treatment you will have to follow.

Temporary hearing loss is resolved when the reason causing it is mended. In case of permanent hair loss, some new techniques could be taken into account such as the use of implanted electronic devices or bionic ears (cochlear implant) which has proved to be very effective for some patients. However, most of the treatment is based on assisted devices that the affected person can use to facilitate their daily life: hearing aids, hearing dogs, lip reading, sign language, etc.

Natural treatment of hearing loss

The natural treatment of hearing loss involves using a series of natural resources that can prevent it or can aid to recover hearing.

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19 March, 2019

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