Heart attack prevention


Importance of the heart in the body

The heart is the engine that drives the blood into the body. It is a vital organ, necessary for our body to be healthy, so that diseases that affect it have a serious nature.

These conditions are especially abundant in rich and industrialized countries where a quarter of the deaths that occur are attributable to cardiovascular problems.

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Symptoms that show poor heart health

Major heart disease or symptoms indicating poor health of the heart or heart arteries are:

Causes of circulatory diseases

It has been proved many of heart diseases are caused by dietary problems such as it has been corroborated by many statistics.

These show people performing a vegetarian diet have less cardiovascular diseases than those who consume large quantities of meat.

Also this type of diseases is not so prevalent in poor countries where their inhabitants follow a diet rich in vegetables and a lower consumption of animal foods.

vegetable broccoli cauliflower turnip radish

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips and radishes are high in fiber, vitamin C, calcium , antioxidants and other components very healthy for your heart

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Obviously a poor diet can be the source of a number of conditions that can cause deterioration of the circulatory system and heart. Among these the main ones being obesity and hypertension.

So, taking care of the diet to control these diseases is a basic principle if we want to ensure heart health.

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How to prevent heart attack and circulatory diseases

Besides an unsuitable diet, other factors can trigger heart disease. The main factors that can lead to heart attack are :

How to treat heart diseases

The treatment of diseases of such a delicate organ as the heart belongs to the doctor or specialist, who will diagnose the disease accurately and determine its proper treatment.

Are natural remedies useful for heart diseases?

With medical approval, a natural approach to heart problems may help to prevent diseases and complement the treatments prescribed by a specialist.

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