Characteristics of hemorrhoids

What are hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or piles are varicose veins on the inside or outside of the anus, caused by increased pressure on hemorrhoidal veins.

Hemorrhoids are a very important problem in adults aged over 30, especially in Western countries, affecting a greater proportion of men than women.

Types of hemorrhoids

There are two types of hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids: Those that occur above the anorectal line, which is the area where the skin of the buttocks meets that of the anus. By increasing greatly in size, internal hemorrhoids can fall below the anorectal line. This type of hemorrhoids is not usually painful provided that they do not go outside, in which case they are inflamed and painful.

External hemorrhoids: (prolapsed hemorrhoids) when they occur below the anorectal line. External hemorrhoids, when grown in size, are usually painful. They make some activities very difficult, such as sitting or cleaning the anal area after defecation. They are also very annoying when walking.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

The main symptoms of hemorrhoids are:

Pain (especially when sitting), itching, burning, blood clots, swelling, bleeding with bright red blood in stools or on toilet paper, lumps in the anal area, etc.

Causes of hemorrhoids

The main causes of hemorrhoids are:

Incorrect diet:: too much fat and very few fruits and vegetables. Especially the lack of flavonoids and vitamin C produce a weakening of the anal musculature.

Lack of physical exercise: In case of inactivity and, especially, when someone remains sitting for many hours, there is an accumulation of too much blood in the hemorrhoidal veins, that, once swollen, can cross the wall of the anus.

Constipation: Constipation causes a difficult bowel movement forcing the person concerned to force too much at stool, which may lead some hemorrhoidal veins to go out through a weakened anal wall.

Stress: Stress causes the loss of elasticity of the muscles in the area.

Poor blood circulation.

Increased pressure in the veins of the area: this can happen in case of pregnancy or obesity when weight gain in the area hinders blood circulation. Something similar may happen in case of abdominal obstruction or hypertrophy of liver caused by cirrhosis.

Injuries caused by the penetration of objects into the anus: Injuries caused by these insertions allow the passage of veins through them.


It is recommended eat 3 or 4 fruits per day

Diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids

The presence of discomfort in the anus zone requires medical attention to diagnose through the proper procedure what are the real causes of this discomfort. This is especially necessary in case of occurrence of anal bleeding. In these case, your doctor will probably need to make an anal inspection, to rule out more serious illnesses.

Some techniques used are, for example, analysis of blood in the stool, rectum manipulation, anoscopy (vision of the rectum using a anoscope) and proctoscopy (view inside of the rectum using a camera located at the end of a tube, called rectoscope)

Normally, in most cases, drug administration, accompanied by a high fiber diet and increased fluid intake allows the affected person to make a normal life. In severe cases, when clots or heavy bleeding occur, surgery may be needed.

The natural treatment of hemorrhoids involves using a series of natural resources that help prevent this disease or reduce its symptoms.

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19 March, 2019

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