How to prevent hepatitis


How to prevent the spread of hepatitis?

To prevent infection with some form of hepatitis we would have to take into account the following recommendations:

How to prevent the spread of hepatitis A

In order to prevent hepatitis A contagion you should keep a good hygiene. It is very important to wash your hands properly before eating.

This will be done always, but it is especially needed in case of having had any contact with any infected person or when visiting certain countries where hygienic conditions are poor and it is easy to become infected. (You should only drink bottled water in these countries and you should not eat raw foods)

In large modern cities, where public transportation favor a high contact with objects, hand washing is essential once you come back home. You must also clean your food properly, especially if vegetables have to be eaten raw.

It is recommended to be properly medically treated before moving to places where this disease is common and where there is a great possibility of contacting with this virus.

How to prevent hepatitis B and C virus infection

In order to prevent hepatitis B and hepatitis C contagion, you should avoid to get in contact with infected blood. Practicing a safe sexual life is most necessary to prevent these viruses. The best thing to do. whenever possible, is to establish sexual relations with healthy stable couples.

The use of condoms is necessary when someone does not know for sure the health state of the others he/ she is having a sexual intercourse with.

In the event of having to maintain regular non- sexual contact with infected people, such as medical staff, vaccination is recommended.

Do not share needles or personal grooming items such as razors, toothbrushes or razor blades. Avoid making yourself body injuries as much as possible, such as it happens with tattoos or piercings. If any case, do them only on sites that have a guarantee of hygiene and disinfection of tools.

– Avoid ingesting poisonous substances, toxic plants, or poisonous mushrooms. Do not eat mushrooms you are not completely sure they are edible. Ingestion of poisonous mushrooms is responsible for most poisonings. Our liver, being a filter for the blood, generally is the most affected organ.

– Monitor the use of medications and avoid self-medication, particularly certain painkillers, contraceptives, steroids and antibiotics.

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19 March, 2019

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