Herpes characteristics

What is herpes?

Herpes is a skin disease characterized by the repeated appearance in certain body places (cheeks, buttocks, lips, vulva, penis, thighs, etc.) of some small blisters, which break and produce scabs.

These lesions are produced by the Herpes virus that remains dormant in nerve cells so the body can not eliminate it completely causing chronic recurrence, that’s to say alternating periods of inactivity with active disease periods.

First infection is called when it first appears. Recurrent infections or outbreaks occur when the disease reappears after a variable frequency of being inactive (latent period)

The frequency of any outbreaks of herpes is very unpredictable. There is a very high percentage of people who show no outbreaks, others show them quite continuously and some one only from time to time.

Cause of herpes

Herpes is produced by Herpes virus, however there are some factors that seem to trigger recurrence, such as:


– Fatigue

– Genital intercourse: Herpes can be easily spread through kissing, caressing or skin contact. Sexual relations are a major cause of infection.

The contact between genitalia, vaginal or anal contact with genitals or the contact with mouth with genitals facilitate the transmission of the virus. The reason is because the genital areas are always wet and the presence of mucus facilitates infection. For this reason it is so sensitive mouth.

– Other debilitating diseases, usually of infectious, immune or metabolic nature such as AIDS or cancer. Enfeebling processes, such as bone marrow transplants, and so on.

– Prolonged exposure to sunlight.

– Menstruation

– Fever.

– Alcoholic beverages.

– Diet

Natural treatment of herpes

The natural treatment for herpes involves using a series of natural resources (phytotherapy, diet and supplements) that may help conventional treatments.

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