Natural medicine for joint pain

How to relieve join pain with natural therapies

What are the main alternative therapies to relieve join pain?

Bath therapy : The best way to start the day is to take a hot bath. In order to have a greater therapeutic effect, we should add a cup of sea salt or magnesium salt.

A morning warm bath relaxes, reduces stress, pain and the usual stiffness arthritic people experience in the morning.

Food bath therapy and hands bath therapy: when stiffness or pain particularly affects the hands or feet you should take hand or foot baths. Friction these members with a little rosemary or peanut oil and let them rest in water for 10 more minutes.

Joint massages: The massage of sore areas may constitute the most appropriate way to reduce pain. Massage increases circulation in the area, drains it and regenerates synovial fluid. These massages can be performed using oils like rosemary, to enhance their therapeutic properties.

Poultice remedies: The use of hot clay in the form of poultice, on alternate days, can help reduce pain

Relaxation techniques to relieve stress: Stress is a major cause that produces tension and joint pain. Freeing from stress is crucial for arthritic people, so they can learn to do some relaxation exercises by means of gathering some information on the subject or, much better, by attending a specialized course.

For the body to be relaxed it is essential that the patient can sleep well. Avoiding insomnia, reducing anxiety, and sleeping soundly will help improve his/her condition.

Proper diet for joint pain: To prevent joint inflammation these patients should undertake a proper diet low based on low animal fat food and high in plant foods, with plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Some arthritic attacks appear as a result of processes produced by certain food allergies. To Know and avoid these foods is crucial (More information about this diet in the list above)

Supplements and herbal medicine for joint pain: Certain plants or supplements can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. (More information on these resources in the list above)

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Home tips to lower join pain

How to improve hands or fingers swelling? If there is some swelling in the hands and fingers at night, you should use rubber gloves in bed.

How to improve wrist pain?

If there are nightly pains in the wrists, use rigid wrist wards or bracers while sleeping.

How to improve neck pain?

If you sleep on your side, place the pillow between the neck and the bed.

How effective are copper bracelets in the treatment of pain?

Although no medical evidence about the actual effectiveness of such bracelets exits, according to some theories, it seems that the body absorbs through the skin copper of the bracelet dissolved by the sweat.

Given the analgesic properties of this metal, copper obtained in this way would help to relieve pain. Many patients have expressed they feel relief when carrying these type of bracelets.

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28 March, 2019

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