Characteristics of kidney stones

What are kidney stones?

A renal calculus or kidney stones (renal lithiasis) is a concretation that appears in the kidney after the deposition of mineral crystals.

It is a very painful condition in case the stones are placed in the ureter, especially when urinating.

Symptoms of kidney stones

Me main simptoms are:

– Kidney stones,

– Drip, pain in the side,

Stomach ache or pain in the thigh,

– Frequent desire to urinate,

– Burning urination,

– Nausea,

– Abdominal cramps,

– Pain in the vulva or in the testicles,


– Blood in urine,

– Reddish or brownish urine, etc.

Causes of kidney stones

Among the principal causes we can mention the following:

Calcium Crystals: They constitute the majority of kidney stones (80%) They are formed by the combination of calcium with phosphorus or oxalates. A diet plenty of milk products, proteins and oxalates may be the cause of these formations, but they are sometimes caused by physical illness.

Crystals caused by urinary tract infections (Cálculos de estruvita) (Struvite calculi) 10% of these calculi is formed by deposits of struvite favoured by the alkalinization of the blood carried out by the bacteria causing the infections.

Uric acid crystals: Formed by sedimentation of the excessive uric acid in the blood. Sometimes they are a symptom of other physical illnesses. Less frequent than those mentioned before, they affect 5% of cases.

Amino acids crystals (Cystine calculi) they are the less frequent but the most painful. They only account for 2% of kidney stones

Prevention of kidney stones

To avoid the formation of kidney stones or prevent their recurrence we should clean our your genitals properly to prevent infections of the urinary bladder.

One must take special care in cleaning the anus or genitals so that bacteria do not enter the urinary bladder causing cystitis that is responsible for struvite stones.

Unndertaking a proper diet can hep avoiding the formation or recurrence of kidney stones. (More information about ” kidney stones diet” in the listing above.

Treatment of kidney stones

Although most kidney stones dissolve spontaneously, you should visit the doctor to diagnose which kind of calculation are you suffering and which treatment or diet you should undertake to prevent a possible recurrence. If you suspect to suffer a kidney stone, you should urinate in a container where you could filter the stone, in

If there is fever or blood in the urine, a visit to a specialist is needed.

There are some kidney stones that, due to its size, can not be expelled, thus requiring dissolution or other methods of extraction, including shock waves or surgery.

The natural treatment of kidney stones involves the use of a series of natural resources that can prevent or help to disolve them. A continuous and adequate phytotherapy, together with some correct life and eating habits can help to correct the disease progress.

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