Sexual inappetence

Lack of libido or frigidity


What is sexual inappetence or lack of sexual desire?

Sexual inappetence or lack of sexual desire is a sexual disorder that affects men and women; in a wide sense, it is defined as sexual coldness or lack of interest in sexual intercourse (anaphrodisia) and even as the need to avoid any sexual contact.

This term has been replaced by others, such as lack of libido, loss of libido, lack of sexual desire, inhibited sexual desire.

Symptoms of sexual inappetence

  • Inability to reach orgasm
  • Lack of desire for sexual intercourse
  • Being repulsed by physical contact
  • Etc.

Causes of sexual inappetence

There are many causes that may lead to frigidity. We could mention the following:

  • Physical causes: Many of them are directly related to menopause, which means less estrogen production, decreased production of vaginal lubrication, which determines a difficult penetration and the loss of sexual desire. Aging entails less hormone production which leads to a lower level of desire of sexual contact. Other causes are related to other conditions, such as vaginismus, or involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles that prevents penetration which makes it painful and determines a loss of sexual desire. Others could be endometriosis, vaginitis, etc..
  • Psychological causes: These could include lack of good harmony between the partners, maintenance of a relation with little imagination in which the interest is lost by the couple. Sometimes there is a very puritanical education in which the sexual act is conceived as a simple reproductive act and sexual relations are not very open, coming to be regarded as a sinful act. Other causes could be stress, work problems, the relationship with children, etc.
  • Ignorance of the female body: The ignorance of female sexuality by men prevents them from manipulating those erogenous zones with sufficient “skill” so that women can achieve orgasm. A selfish attitude on the part of man that seeks to achieve his own pleasure regardless of his partner may mean that women lose interest in sex and lead to future lack of orgasm.
  • Ingestion of drugs or toxins that reduce libido, especially those used to treat depression..

Do alcoholic drinks have aphrodisiac properties?

Alcohol, taken in moderation, has stimulant properties: it provides confidence, a better mood and a feeling of well being.

It must be said, however, that some of the apparent stimulant properties of alcohol are false.

For example, there is the popular belief that alcohol encourages individuals to maintain better sex.

The truth is that this substance depresses the central nervous system which can lead to erection problems and prevent proper sexual relations.

Alcohol, therefore, does not have aphrodisiac properties.

Treatment of sexual inappetence

A couple should keep a very open attitude to discuss the problem trying to judge whether their personal relationship is good enough to feel mutual sexual attraction.

A treatment by a psychologist or psychiatrist who can provide appropriate therapy to redirect their relationship is necessary in most cases.

More information on the treatment of lack of sexual desire.

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6 July, 2020

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