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Causes, symptoms and treatment of liver congestion or “congested liver

What are the symptoms of a diseased or congested liver?

digestive apparatus

When the diet is rich in processed foods (flour, sugar, sausages, soft drinks, …) it is recommended to purify the liver for 3 months Drawing: ©

The liver is the organ in charge of the metabolism of food, medicines and the purification of toxins from the body. Given the enormous task that this organ performs, it is possible that when it is congested, some affectation in some of its functions may occur, which may have repercussions, producing slight health problems that, if chronic, can lead to disease.

The inadequate feeding and the consumption of toxins is the most common cause of the liver not being in good health.

Before a disease occurs, there are a series of symptoms that indicate that the liver is congested, which would be the state prior to liver disease . It is precisely at this time that it is recommended to treat this organ, since recovery can be more successful.

When is the liver congested?

We mean that the liver is congested when it does not correctly perform its detoxification, digestion, substance recycling, and many other functions that this organ performs. As a consequence, high levels of transaminases, uric acid, high sugar, triglycerides or high cholesterol usually appear in the tests.

The most extreme case of congested liver is the appearance of fatty liver, which in turn can lead to other more severe diseases.

Symptoms of a congested liver

Liver cleaning is recommended when some of the following damages appears:

  • Indigestion, headaches, migraines, fatigue, etc.
  • Spring asthenia
  • Acne
  • Constipation
  • In women, menstrual pain (before or after the cycle) or excessive bloating are symptoms that may need a liver cleanse.
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), characteristic emotions of a diseased liver are: moody, anger, anger, rage, etc. If people get angry very easily, naturopathic doctors say it could be a liver involvement.
  • It is also suitable to purify the liver when there is obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and high triglycerides.

Causes: Why does liver become ill?

A liver can alter its function for many reasons. The most common in healthy people is that inadequate nutrition is one of the main causes of the liver not being in good health. Inadequate nutrition is usually caused by two factors:

Natural foods are full of components potentially beneficial to our health
The first cause of liver disease is the absence of healthy foods in the diet, such as fresh vegetables, raw nuts (without frying and without salt), legumes, seeds and fresh fruits. Natural foods are full of plant substances, called phytochemicals , which are potentially beneficial components for our health.

On the other hand, people often make excesses in the consumption of unhealthy products, unfortunately, too present today. They are those ultra- processed or highly refined edible products , known as junk food.

What foods harm the liver?

A diet with too much flour, animal fats (sausages, pastries, butter, cream), or poor quality fats ( trans fats , fried or heated vegetable oils), products with added sugar (chocolate, sugary cereals, cookies, soft drinks, chocolates, nectars, …), refined oils (fried, snacks, chips, fried nuts, …), is a cause of liver congestion. There are already many cases of children with obesity and children with fatty liver, because , unfortunately, Children are the main consumers of junk food: nectars, chocolates, croissants, sugary yogurts, …

What lifestyles damage the liver?

The stress and a sedentary lifestyle also sick liver. The body is not prepared to have stress and sit still, quite the opposite. Physiologically, stress increases flight mechanisms, raising blood sugar so that muscles have energy to fight or run away.

Sitting in the work chair, nervous or stressed, without exercising, is unhealthy and only aggravates a sedentary metabolic state and a congested liver.

Finally, the great enemies of the liver are toxic substances, such as alcohol and tobacco. Many times, this consumption is more habitual than desired, due to the stimulation of the social environment.

Non-modifiable factors that damage the liver

Not all factors that congest the liver are modifiable or dependent on ourselves. It is possible that we pass an infectious process and this damages our liver, as is the case of many viral hepatitis, which can go unnoticed and then detected with cirrhosis.

In the case of liver diseases, such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, or gallstones, medical treatment and monitoring is always required.

The taking of medicines, treatments and contraceptives taking multivitamins without prescription of the practitioner can overload the liver.

Emotions that damage the liver

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is the organ that distributes energy and makes it flow properly through the body. Eastern doctors consider that one of the causes of congested liver is blocked emotions can be a symptom of liver congestion, for example after strong emotional changes, such as a breakup of a partner or the loss of a loved one.   

Liver cleansing, what is it?


Main pillars of the natural treatment of the liver. The hepato-biliary medicinal plants may have contraindications. They should not be taken during pregnancy and also in certain liver diseases. ©

The detoxification, decongestion or liver cleanse is a diet plan and lifestyle that helps improve the health of the body. It is usually accompanied by medicinal plants that tone and regenerate the liver to increase its benefits. The recommended duration is at least 3 months.

These treatments must consist not only of a diet as natural as possible and under our needs, but also of acquiring the good habits that are so necessary for health: physical exercise, relaxation, activities that produce well-being and, of course, a healthy diet for the whole organism.

Liver decongestion treatment

There are many types of healthy diets, each can be adapted to the availability of food in each region. For this we recommend the following treatment to decongest the liver , which is based on four fundamental pillars:

1 – Diet suitable for the liver, which is as natural as possible, very abundant in vegetables and with little animal fat. Food should be enhanced with healthy oils (flax, chia, or hemp seeds, walnuts, nuts, avocado, …) and control the fat that comes from the oils. These oils must be of quality (virgin, cold pressure oils). It must be a diet rich in antioxidants, to promote detoxification of the body and the elimination of toxins.

2 – Adequate physical exercise to mobilize energy. Physical activity and exercises should be integrated into daily life. You can run, bike or swimming, or doing strength exercises with rubber bands, tape, weights , and so on.

3 – Avoid the consumption of alcohol and refined, processed or chemically synthesized products (avoid sugar, sweeteners, syrups, sugary drinks, flours, additives, or products that contain them).

The duration of the diet is at least 1-3 months. The aim is to help restore the health of the organ, to know what foods are beneficial to it, and to reduce or end bad habits such as the consumption of toxic substances or inappropriate foods.

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21 July, 2020

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