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What is sexual impotence?

Sexual impotence, lack of erection or erectile dysfunction are defined as the inability to maintain a firm erection.

How is an erection produced?

The penis becomes erectile because, when sexual excitement occurs, the blood fills the cavernous bodies which produces a lengthening and hardening of the penis called erection.

The problems of lack of erection or impotence can prevent penetration into the vagina and the consequent emission of semen inside it, so this dysfunction can be the cause of certain cases of infertility.

Whom does impotence affect to?

Impotence is a problem that affects many men, especially between 40 and 70 years old.

Any problem that affects the nerves, veins or tissues of the penis may prevent the erection, which lead to impotence problems.

Drawing of male genital apparatus

Drawing of male genital apparatus. The blue arrow points to the cavernous body that must be filled with blood so that the penis becomes erect.

Causes of impotence or erectile dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be distinguished in two, mainly:

  • Psychological: Stress or conflicts with the environment can cause sexual arousal.
  • Physical: Any problem that affects the nerves, veins or tissues of the penis can prevent the erection, so impotence occurs. A clear case is advanced diabetes, in which the nerves and blood vessels are damaged.

Symptoms of sexual impotence

  • Inability of erection
  • flaccidity of the penis that does not allow penetration.

Why does sexual impotence take place?

The main reasons for it to appear are psycological and physical

Psychological causes of impotence

These are the most abundant and affect 90% of men at some point in their lives. Social pressure on men to “perform well in bed” is the source of emotional tension and in some cases can cause impotence.

Other personal reasons may have an influence on the problem, including the shame to show the body in a natural way, social or religious obstacles, and lack of communication between partners.

Physical problems as a cause of impotence

  • Physical problems affect 60% of cases of impotence. These could range from tumors or polyps, urethral or testicular malformation, ataxia, thyroid, diabetes, lack of testosterone, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Injuries from traumatisms in the penis nerves, the corpora cavernosa and the arteries.
  • Certain operations in areas near the penis, such as prostate or bladder operations, in the case the nerves are damaged.

Other causes of impotence

Some factors that can cause impotence are:

  • Toxic substances such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs such as cocaine or amphetamines.
  • Medicines, especially determinate prescriptions for hypertension or heart problems.
  • Poor circulation, such as thrombus in the arteries which impede blood to get into the veins of the penis. In people over 60 years old, arteriosclerosis problems or hardening of the veins are the main cause of male impotence.

Diagnosis of sexual impotence

The problems related to impotence require the intervention of the physician who, through a series of forms and tests, must discard any psychological or physical illness that might cause the problem.

Among the most common tests are the ones to check:

  • Blood test to check:
  • Physical examinations very useful to detect any possible tumor or genital abnormality.

Ordinary treatment for sexual impotence

If you have any physical abnormality, treatment can solve the problem of impotence.

The doctor may want to administer medicines to extend erections.

Natural treatment of impotence

The natural treatment of impotence involves the use of a series of natural resources that can help facilitate the erection, being a natural alternative to the use of Viagra. Among the main resources we have:

– Medicinal plant remedies for impotence

– Suitable plant-based diet for impotence

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