Characteristics of menopause

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What is menopause?

Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life characterized by the definitive loss of menstruation. This period is produced because the ovaries stop maturing ovules.

There is a tendency, increasingly widespread, to medicalize menopause as if it were a disease. It is a natural stage: it is not pathological, nor is it harmful to health, and it is not necessary to take anything as a preventive remedy for its symptoms, which, on the other hand, do not always occur.

You can experience menopause with total naturalness, serenity and joy. Here we tell you more about the possible symptoms, conventional treatment, advice and alternative natural remedies to the possible conditions that may arise.

How does menopause appear?

Drawing woman in menopause

Drawing woman in menopause. It’s a normal period in a woman’s life

Menopause does not occur abruptly, but there are a series of indications in menstruation that indicate that the woman will stop ovulating. This period, which may last a few years, is called climacteric or premenopause and is characterized by:

  • Disorders in menstruation
  • Very abundant or very poor menstruations
  • Periods without a rule

After these symptoms, It is considered that a woman has reached the period of menopause when she has not had menstruation in a year .

At what age does menopause occur?

Menopause can occur very early, before reaching 40, although it is common to occur between 45 and 50 years old. A few women can keep their periods up to 60.

Menopause is not produced in a sudden, but there are a number of clues on the period that indicate that women will stop ovulating: alterations of menstruation with very abundant or very poor periods, no periods, etc. It is considered that after these symptoms, a woman who does not have periods in a year has come the period of menopause.

Symptoms of menopause

The most characteristic symptoms are hot flushes that produce a sudden increase in body heat that can be up to 5ºC above normal, and is especially noticeable in the face and torso.

It affects most women. They are usually of short duration and are not extended beyond three minutes.

As for the depressive symptoms, they are usually mild.

Among all the symptoms of menopause, we can point out:

Causes of menopause

The causes of these symptoms are hormonal changes experienced by women when the ovaries stop producing ovules. In addition to producing fewer ovules, they also produce less estrogen and less progesterone.

As these hormones are disappearing, these symptoms may occur, and may facilitate the appearance of other more serious bodily diseases, typical of maturity in both men and women, such as osteoporosis, diabetes (increase in hemoglobin glycosylated), increased cholesterol and heart problems.

Diagnosis of menopause

The reactions to menopause are very different in each woman. There are also asymptomatic cases. Before the appearance of the symptoms mentioned above, a visit to the specialist is required to diagnose the real situation of each woman andan d, if necessary, the personalized treatment that must be followed.

walking in the city

Exercising or walking helps decrease the symptoms of menopause

Treatment of menopause

Menopause is not a disease and therefore does not require treatment. Ordinary or conventional treatment of women in menopause is usually based on the symptomatic treatment of the inconviniencies the hormonal alterations produce . To do this, doctors rely on the use of a hormone replacement therapy that serves to replace the deficiency of estrogen that leads to menopause. Due to the particular characteristics of each woman, it is the doctor who must administer and control this type of treatment.

Another possibility is the use of certain antidepressant medications to increase serotonin levels, since women who have a high level of this hormone do not usually suffer as much from the symptoms of menopause.

Tips to reduce the symptoms of menopause

Among the main tips to make menopause more bearable we would mention the following:

  • Control heat attacks: For this the most important thing is mentalization, knowing that these usually last very little. They can also be slowed down by refreshing the body. There are many ways to lower body temperature: drink more fluids, eat more lightly and less calorie foods, wear cool and light clothing, use a small fan with batteries or a fan to refresh your face when you are away from home, in front of the refrigerator with the door open, shower with cold water, put cold compresses on the face or neck, etc.
  • Regularly perform gentle exercises: Gentle physical activity can help to release tension and improve the condition of the bones to avoid osteoporosis. Particularly interesting are the exercises performed in the “belly dance”. This dance, which was invented to facilitate the expulsion of the fetus in pregnant women, not only supposes a great control of the body and the mind but, given the type of movements that are enhanced in it, it develops the muscles of the pelvis and the vagina, which leads to greater control of the vaginal and urinary muscles. Practicing this dance can help women with menopause to solve urinary incontinence and improve their relationships. It is an alternative to the kegel method, which consists of a series of exercises specially designed to control urinary incontinence in women after childbirth or in men operated on the prostate, or in people who can not control bowel movements.
  • Learn more about the symptoms of menopause: A knowledge of the dyes resulting from menopause can help control them better. The most frequent are hot flushes, dryness, irritability, insomnia, vaginal irritation. It is important to consult with the doctor about them, talk with others who have previously experienced them, or who are in the same situation. There are support groups to make this period more bearable.
  • Maintain a good relationship: It has been proven that maintaining a full sex life during this period helps maintain estrogen for longer. To achieve satisfactory sexual relations is essential a good relationship with the couple so that between the two there is good communication and mutual understanding.

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16 June, 2020

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