Medicinal plants treatment for muscle pain

Herbal treatment for cramps and stiffness


Characteristics of muscle pains

Muscle pains are adverse reactions experienced by our muscles as a result of physical exertion.

Among these, it is worth noting that cramps are involuntary and paralizyng contractions of limbs muscles, but may also occur in the muscles of internal organs, including the stomach, intestines, etc.

Stiffness is produced after a muscular effort in individuals who are not in physically fit, and are characterized by feelings of stiffness and a big pain when trying to move the muscle.

Symptoms of muscle pains

  • Muscle pain

  • Feeling of heaviness

  • Stiffness, etc.

Causes of muscle pains


Physical effort can be the cause of muscle pain

  • The main cause of muscle pain is the physical effort that makes lactic acid accumulate in the muscle.

  • It also seems that during these efforts, lesions of the muscle fibers are produced and they cause these symptoms.

  • A poor diet with little contribution of minerals may cause some cramping, like the typical stiffness in the calves. For example, when there are low levels of calcium it is quite common to suffer from leg cramps.

  • Excessive heat, with its loss of water and minerals, can sometimes be the cause of these pains.

  • Sometimes muscle pain occur as a result of some disorder or disease. Among the most common diseases causing muscle pain we have the following:

Diagnoses of muscle pains

In the case of muscle aches that do not respond to justified muscle fatigue, the most prudent option is to visit the doctor to carry out a proper diagnosis.

This is particularly required when there are:

  • Circulation problems in the area affected by pain

  • When there is infection or swelling

  • When there is a lack of mobility of the muscle

  • In the presence of fever, vomiting or neck stiffness.

Treatment of muscle pain

The usual treatment of muscular pain caused by muscle fatigue forces the patient to give the affected muscle and adequate rest; it also implies the application of analgesics when necessary and appropriate rehabilitation exercises by a specialist, in more severe cases.

How to prevent cramps and stiffness?

To avoid cramps and muscle soreness after intense physical activity it is essential to make warm-up exercises before starting the activity.

Muscle stretching activities are interesting in continuing “postural work” (ie, workers doing always the same activity, people who work with a machine, with a computer, etc.).

How to relieve cramps and stiffness with natural methods?

In addition to the use of conventional or natural analgesics (plants against pain), the application of home remedies such as cold compresses in the first instance, and the subsequent application of heat, can help reduce pain.

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19 March, 2019

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