Characteristics of papules

What are papules of blackheads?

Papules or blackheads are solid elevations of the skin, of reddish color.

They are one of the most important manifestations of acne.

  • They usually heal spontaneously

Symptoms of papules

adolescent with papules on the face

Adolescence is the time when pimples or papules usually appear on the face

The main symptoms of papules are:

  • Elevated mounds of skin with a reddish appearance which, unlike the pustules, they have no central point
  • Excessive sebum
  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Etc.

Causes of papules

The main causes of papules are:

  • Puberty (Acne): Due to an increase in hormones during puberty, there is an increment in the secretion of fat in order to protect and soften the skin. The pores can be blocked by this fat, resulting in a slight red elevation, hard to the touch that usually goes away without damaging the skin.
  • Other diseases: They can be manifestations of other diseases such as virus, warts, eczema or tumors.

Ordinary treatment of papules

This type of pimples usually disappears without complications.


Generally they do not require treatment except when they become infected beyond normal. In this case, they can produce significant infections requiring antibiotic treatment.

If you suspect some symptoms may point out to something different from acne, you should visit a dermatologist.

Proper cleaning of the skin with natural soaps, free of chemical irritants may be the most appropriate way to prevent the formation of papules.

Natural treatment of papules

The natural treatment of pimples or papules involves the use of a series of natural resources that help to eliminate them. Among them, we have, for example:

– Medicinal plants for papules

punto rojo More information on papules.

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28 March, 2019

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