Characteristics of premature ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation  is defined as the inability of controlling voluntarily the act of ejaculation, during the pre-ejaculatory phase.

Symptoms of premature ejaculation

Inability to control ejaculation. Involuntary male orgasm that occurs immediately after penetration or before this.

In severe cases it can cause male infertility because the semen is expelled before vaginal penetration.

Causes of premature ejaculation

– Psychological. These are the most common and affect 75% of men at some point in their lives, and a 30% constantly.It is a dysfunction that is usually seen in most young men in the early stages of sexual intercourse, but usually resolved spontaneously in most of them. The recognized social need for man to “perform well in bed,” is the source of emotional tension, and in some cases, the cause of premature ejaculation. The mistaken belief that women should necessarily reach orgasm through penetration leads to create an emotional stress in men that can also cause this problem. Also a bad education about ejaculation in childhood or youth (in which masturbation or sexual intercourse is seen as something forbidden, so it must be done quickly, preventing the extension of the pleasurable act) can consequently lead to a loss of ejaculation control in later periods. Other personal reasons, including the shame to show the body naturally, obstacles of a social or religious origin, or lack of communication between partners influence in this area.


– Toxics such as tobacco, alcohol, etc.

– Circulatory disorders.

– Physical problems that could range from tumors, polyps and urethral malformations or testicular, thyroid, neurological or endocrine diseases, diabetes, etc.


The treatment of this dysfunction can be approached from many different fronts. There are techniques to retrain the individual to know when ejaculation will occur and, consequently, to learn how they can control themselves before entering the ejaculatory reflex, which is uncontrollable. Essentially these techniques are based on three principles.

Delay ejaculation: First, to delay ejaculation can be practised through solitary masturbation techniques, so that they learn to feel pleasure and at the same time, master the inability to control the momentum. Masturbation should be performed alone or in pairs and should be stopped before reaching ejaculation. It is important, especially if done in pairs, not to directly stimulate the genitals.

Learn to stop the impulse to ejaculate: Secondly, you can do pressure exercises on the glans with your partner, which consists in stopping the urge to press for a few seconds on the end of the penis. In this way, noting that ejaculation will occur, stop activity and press on the bottom of the glans until there is no desire to ejaculate. Perform the exercise several times until, after a few days, it may allow to control ejaculation voluntarily. The repetition of these techniques, combined with a sexual relationship more “conventional” is in many cases the way to overcome the dysfunction.

Slow down sexual preliminaries: Most involuntary ejaculations occur at first intercourse. Starting the sexual act with a calm attitude can help reduce the urge to ejaculate. After these first impulses, in the later stages there is usually no such need.


When the problem depends on physical problems, diagnosis and treatment by a medical specialist is essential.

Sometimes more communication between partners will allow more open sexuality that may solve the problem. In any case where personal problems can not be resolved between them, an appropiate treatment by a therapist is essential.

Natural treatment of premature ejaculation involves using a series of natural resources that can help to avoid this problem.

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