Cardiac tonic

How to make a cardiac tonic at home

What is a cardiac tonic?

Cardiac tonics are those preparations which are used to strengthen the heart

A cardiac tonic gives strength and energy to the heart to allow it to pump blood easily.

Cardiac tonics help the heart recover from its previous weakness.

What are cardiac tonics used for?

Cardiac tonics are useful, especially in case of heart failure, arrhythmias, fluid accumulation because of weak heart or high blood pressure.

What does usually a cardiac tonic contain?

  • Medicinal plants with heart tonic properties: These are herbs that help strengthen the heart muscle so this organ can attain more power.

  • Medicinal plants that favor the passage of blood through the arteries: These are plants that help dilate blood vessels so blood flows better.

  • Sedative plants: Stress is one of the factors that constricts blood vessels. This type of plant help reduce anxiety or stress to relax the blood vessels so the heart can pump blood more easily.

Maceration of white hawthorn flowers

white hawthorn for the heart

White hawthorn is one of the best cardiac tonics


– 2 tablespoons of dried flowers of white hawthorn

– 80 g of alcohol 30 º


– Place in a bowl the flowers and alcohol

– Macerate for 7 days

– Strain, drain and filter.

– Place the contents in a sealed glass bottle


Take 90 drops in water divided into 3 doses (30-30-30)

How is a cardiac tonic prepared?

Medicinal plants with cardiac tonic properties are usually prepared as an infusion or decoction.

There are also alcoholic formulas where medicinal plants are macerated in alcohol to absorb their properties.

How to use cardiac tonics?

In case on non-alcoholic products, you can take a couple of little cups a day, as long as they have been recommended by the doctor or specialist, especially for products that are aimed at such a critical organ.

Alcoholic preparation are taken in drops merged in water, several times a day.

How to preserve heart tonics?

Non-alcoholic preparations should be taken during the same preparation day. Preparations with alcohol may be stored several months, provided they are saved in the shade in a cool place.


Among the many preparations to strengthen the heart, we can mention the following:

White hawthorn to tone your heart : See also the formula of the right column

Infusion of fumitory for the heart

Valerian to regularize the heart rhythm

Guava, heart tonic

More information on other types of tonics and medicinal plants.

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