Presbyopia prevention

Can presbyopia be prevented?


Tips to prevent Presbyopia

Although presbyopia is a degenerative disorder which occurs as time passes as a natural consequence of vision degeneration, many experts recommend a series of tips that can help slow or improve its development. Among them, we could mention the following:

Avoid stress or eyestrain and make relaxation techniques.

– Maintaining a proper diet, rich in natural foods, especially rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C and minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium and selenium) Avoid toxins, as alcohol or tobacco. This diet has antioxidant properties and helps eliminate free radicals, a major cause of eye problems. (More information about presbyopia diet in the listing above)

Reduce the near work, or at least avoid prolonged periods of short-distance approach. It is appropriate to make a pause now and then, while reading, computer working or performing any task that involves looking at something at close range.

Use good lighting at work or appropriate lenses to avoid eye strain.

Eye exercises could be used to delay presbyopia.

Use natural remedies to enhance your eyes health

punto rojo More information about presbyopia and its natural treatment.

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28 March, 2019

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