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What are scars?

Scars are marks or signs on the skin that occur as a result of wounds healing.The process is completed by the action of collagen-producing fibroblasts cells near the wound.

The excess of collagen produces the scar that is usually red in principle and gradually reaches the skin color.

The scar tissue is not as elastic or possess the oily secretions of normal tissue, making it appear drier to the touch. It always has a certain feeling of itching or pain.

The healing process is usually most severe in young people who produce scars larger and thicker than adults

Scars are a source of concern because of aesthetic reasons, especially if they appear in visible body areas such as the face.

Symptoms of scars

The main symptoms of scars are marks, wounds, marks on the skin, etc.

Causes of scars

The main causes of scars are:

Cuts: They are a major cause of scars.They can be caused by various reasons (falls, accidents, strokes, surgery, shaving, etc). When these are broad and deep, they can create large scars.

Burns: burns often leave scars on the skin. In case of very serious injuries, they can cause hypertrophic scars (more developed than normal) and keloids (thick tumoral injuries, very thick, initially red and very ugly). Keloids are likely to restrict the mobility of the patient. Burns that have not been attended properly and fail to heal may lead to cancer processes.

– Diseases: Some scars can be the result of some diseases, such as those produced by chicken pox, smallpox, acne, psoriasis, etc.

Treatment of scars

There are techniques that can minimize the appearance of a scar. Among them, we can mention the following: surgery, laser, skin abrasion, peelings, collagen injections, etc).

A visit to the dermatologist can determine in important cases the type of action to take.

The natural treatment of scars involves using a series of natural resources that help promote healing, prevent the occurrence of infections and decrease the negative aspect of the scar.

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28 March, 2019

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