Causes of skin diseases

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What are the main causes that damage or harm the skin?

The reasons that cause alterations or abnormalities of the skin are varied. Among the main ones we would mention:

Eating problems of the skin

The intense cold of winter
The intense cold of winter damages the skin

Many of the skin diseases are caused by a poor diet that is deficient in food components that are necessary for healthy skin.

For example, vitamin A is one of the most important for the skin, since it is essential for its regeneration. This vitamin must be obtained from vegetables (in the form of beta – carotenes ), since these have, in addition to the vitamin properties, an added antioxidant effect.

Eating a lot of carrots and spinach (which are one of the richest foods in beta-carotene ), will make our skin look dry and flaky.

Vitamin E, an antioxidant of the fats that protect the skin, and vitamin C, which helps to form collagen, will also be very important.

Foods that cause skin conditions

Similarly, the presence in food of ultra- processed or poor-quality products, such as those with a lot of sugar, packed with preservatives and dyes, is responsible for many problems, such as acne, dryness, etc.

On the other hand, it seems quite proven that some foods can have some influence on diseases that affect the skin. We would be talking about autoimmune diseases, such as thyroiditis or psoriasis, which are aggravated by the consumption of certain foods.

diet based on healthy foods , avoiding possible individual intolerances, is the best way to avoid skin problems.

Atmospheric pollution that damages the skin:

Air pollution affects skin health

The emission of polluting products into the atmosphere is another factor that determines a skin in poor condition.

Dermatoses are becoming more frequent in highly polluted urban areas or in industrial areas where the air is heavily flawed. In these cases, it is recommended that people take days of contact with nature .

Toxic to the skin at work or at home

The need to be in contact with chemicals in daily work has led to the appearance of skin diseases.

Similarly, many household cleaning chemicals are responsible for the occurrence of many of these diseases. Whenever possible, it is best to clean only with vinegar , rather than using other more chemical and abrasive products.

Excessive solar radiation damages the skin:

Sunbathing too bad for your skin

The increasing fashion-driven need for extremely tanned skin has led to exposing the skin to too high doses of solar radiation.

An “ingestion” of ultraviolet rays too constant and without the protection of a suitable sun cream , can lead to accumulation of melanomas or skin cancers, a disease that is increasingly present in our society.

Without reaching this extreme end, solar overexposure is the main cause of skin aging and the appearance of abnormalities , such as blemishes , cracks, dryness, sunburn , etc.

Given this, a more judicious exposure to the sun and the use of sun creams with an adequate protection factor are necessary.

Common toxins for the skin

The snuff , abuse of the alcohol , or other intoxicants or drugs are responsible for bringing the body to a state of toxicity.

Toxic substances, such as tobacco and alcohol, harm skin health

The skin, along with the kidneys or the intestine, is one of the organs responsible for eliminating toxins that affect the body.

The more purified our body is from harmful substances, the healthier and more youthful our skin will appear.

A natural way to eliminate toxins, without them appearing on the skin, is to drink abundantly , since this increases the elimination of toxins through the urine.

Stress is bad for skin health.

The stress is responsible for producing vascular abnormalities that lead to a lack of peripheral blood flow with consequent reflection on the health of the skin. Many diseases, such as itching , the psoriasis or eczemas , sometimes have a emotional cause . A calmer and more relaxed life will have a clear reflection on the health and appearance of the skin.

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9 July, 2020

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