Characteristics of sunburns

What are sunburns?

Sunburns are burns from the sun on the skin as a result of being exposed to the action of ultraviolet rays.

Sunburns depend much on the type of skin. People who are more likely to suffer skin burns are the people with white skin, red or blond hair and blue eyes.

The reason is that their skin does not have much melanin, a pigment that protects them from the action of sunlight.

Very dark or black skinned people are well protected by a greater amount of melanin and get a tan without burning. However, this does not mean that they do not need skin protection against ultraviolet rays, that can cause negative effects on the skin, including skin cancer.

Consequences of sunburns

We should avoid prolonged sun exposure without being protected, since this represents an attack that can cause skin aging itself, spots or wrinkles and is responsible for the appearance of melanomas or skin cancers.

A moderate sun exposure, especially in the early days, a sun protection with appropriate clothing or use of sunscreens is the best prevention against burns from the sun.

In general, a minor burn does not require medical attention. A severe sunburn with blistering and especially when associated with fever, chills and nausea, requires immediate medical intervention.

Types of sunburns

A sunburn can be first or second grade. The former is characterized by a soft red and pink on the top layers of skin or epidermis which usually disappear in three or four days.

Second degree burns also affect the inner layers of the skin. They have a bright red and cause blisters that heal after 8 or 10 days. In both cases the damaged skin cells are detached and replaced.

Symptoms of sunburns

Among the major symptoms of sunburn are: redness, pain, burning, itching, and., in more severe cases, blisters, fever, nausea and chills.

Causes of sunburns

Sunburns are caused by the action of ultraviolet rays on the skin.

Treatment of sunburns

Conventional treatment of sunburn involves the use of analgesics to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Natural treatment for sunburn involves using a series of natural resources that help improve the condition of the skin, facilitate its recovery and reduce pain.

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28 March, 2019

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